Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Day Was Perfect!

The day was perfect for sledding, snowman building and snow fort building. Let the fun begin as the Baker Boys plus their dad Jeremy came up to our home to take advantage to play in the snow.
Team work, that is what Ashton and Kevin are doing here. Makes my heart swell with pride when I see actions like this. They are working as a team to make a snow fort.
Kevin is our one with the engineering mind. He is always thinking about how things are put together. It was his idea to build this snow fort.
Let the snow ball fights begin. Jordan is thinking I am not so sure about this.
The snow fort worked pretty good for these guys.
Papa Roger and Jordan went inside the garden fencing to keep from getting hit by snow balls. Look at Jordan's face, like he is saying now your can't throw a snowball in here. HeeHee!
The sled hill was groomed for sledding before the boys went on to make their snow fort. Here Papa Roger is encouraging the boys to go down. They were all ready!
Here goes Kevin, very serious look on his face!
Papa Roger helping Jordan and Ashton to get ready to go down the hill.
Down Jordan and Ashton went!
Now Ashton will just go for it, no hesitation coming from him at all!
Jordan was so ready to go down the hill by himself, like his big brothers. I love that smile.
Well this was Jordan, look close at the handle indents.
Yes Jordan bounced right up, ready to go again.
Papa Roger convinced me to go down the sled with Jordan, with hesitation I agreed. Check the joy on Jordan's face.
OK I am almost embarrassed to post this picture, oh well. Check out the expression on Jeremy's face as he gave us a push. I would like to think we were just high centered! It still was worth posting.
The expression says it all!
I think those Baker boys had a wonderful time. Thanks for coming to play in the snow with Mimi and Papa!

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  1. What a lovely day!! I really liked all of those pictures.


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