Thursday, March 15, 2012

Welcome To Our Winter Wonderland !

Welcome to my Winter Wonderland. This winter we have had a couple of really good snows. I thought I would just share some of our beauty on our farm.
The snow provides a warmth to those plants that winter over year to year. We actually harvested some Kale, Chard and Carrots out of here, after moving some snow that covered their cozy existence. A winter surprise for our tummies.
Even though we don't have any animals on our farm, well we do have a cat and some day I will have chickens again, for now I will just pretend.
I have this little setting outside of my studio cabin. It is complete with a bed, table and chairs, complete with a claw foot tub. Anyone game?
Any one up for tea, I can brew up a nice pot of tea for you?
Any one for a pillow top mattress made of snow?

This view is looking down at my little cabin studio.
The garden certainly has it's winter bed covering on now.
It amazes me how the snow just rest on these tiny fence wires.
A little Red, White, and Blue are always in order on our farm.
These clothesline wires are going to need to be stretched before spring use as the snow has weighted them down.
Anyone ready for a cushy sit?

We have many a evening fire here in this setting.
This is one of our many snags that are from the Yacolt burn many years ago.
I love my Japanese bell. A ring on this bell brings a feeling of tranquility. Do you have chimes or bells in your yard?
Well there you have our winter wonderland. I hope you all got to have some winter wonderland experiences this winter. I am not ready for spring. How about you?


  1. How pretty and peaceful! You really did get a lot of snow. I got a tiny dusting but mainly rain, rain and more rain. I kept hoping for snow but no suck luck. So I am looking forward to spring and warmer temps. But then the yard work begins. Right now all I can do is make mud pies! So will your chilly snow tea and my pies, who could ask for more! Hugs and a chuckle!

  2. Did you get any of this this week? We are finally getting a winter storm this weekend. I am looking forward to it.


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