Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where is our Spring?

Where is our Spring? Even though the snow is beautiful, I am so ready for spring planting, watching new growth starts begin to show their happy heads. I made the best of this snow fall by going out and enjoying it's beauty. I will share some of the beauty mother nature has to offer us up in our hills of Hockinson, Washington.

Yes my car was buried by this snow fall.

My magic fairy ball is hidden among the snow. Can you see it? (Hint- it is pink)

One thing about the snow, the tracks of our little visitor are evident.
At first I thought this might be a Bear track, but after talking with Roger, he seems to think it might be the Big Buck Deer that has come around before.
The sun tried to come out a bit today, melting a lot of our snow. I am so ready for this winter to be gone. How about you?


  1. seriously? soon...out like a lamb. one more week!
    deb ;)

  2. Beautiful pictures, Florence. I, too, am so ready for Spring to finally arrive. The daffodils that were blooming are all bent over from the snow and the evergreen clematis that is normally so gorgeous this time of year, is valiantly trying to open it's buds. My fingers are itching to get in the dirt!

  3. Beautiful pics. It is coming soon, hang in there.

  4. Good Morning!
    I found you through the GirlGab site. When I saw snow pictures I just had to make sure that was this week! We live in Michigan and have had almost 90 degree temps. all week long! We haven't seen snow hardly at all this winter! Thank you for the beautiful pictures, the weather here is nice, but I truly missed the white stuff this year!

  5. Love the pix! We miss you!! J&J


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