Thursday, May 7, 2009

Treasures To Be Found

Monticello Antique Market is a great place to wander through, I seem to always find something I can not live without. Now through May 24th they have added 14 quest exhibitors to their garden room. I do not all their names but they all have some beautiful things to share with all of us. Check out their blog spot to learn more. I took lots of photos and I of course can not put them all on this blog spot. I know that Lisa and Isabel have a space in the main area and Joyce too. Check my blog list to learn more about Monticello.

A wonderful collection of aprons to look through.
I got this darling apron from the pile of aprons above, it fits Frances perfit.

My shabby roses space, I love the color.

AntieJoys space, she has so much creative energy, I love her umbrellas, don't you?


  1. I love Frances' tutu under that cute pink apron!

  2. Hey Florence!

    Thanks for including a couple pics of my booth at M's. Thanks also for buying that cute pink apron. Looking forward to seeing you at Barn House this weekend.




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