Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Barn House Season Opener 2009

Following the back windy country roads to Venersberg, Washington, near Battle Ground. I arrive at the Barn House Season Opener. The roads are quiet, the air is cool and crisp, with the sun shining down through the trees. There is a little frost in the area, but only a spring frost. I am fortunate to only live about ten minutes away from the BH. When I arrive I am in awe over the sight I see. The Barn House Boys and their crew have done it again, providing a high caliber of a venue for all to see. There were treasures for all to be found. I took over 300 photos, yes Joe and Jermone 300, I could never post them all, I sure had fun though. Thank you. Below are just a few of the photos I took.
The Barn House crew Jermone, Debi,Lauri, Sylvi, Cindy,Natalie, Julie and Joe along with Diane and Donna pictured below. What a great job they all did. Also Kathy and her sister who helped with the food and other things and littlebyrd. Thank you.
Diane and Donna what neat ladies that I got to meet this time.

Sylvi dressed very pretty, not showing here her black cowgirl boots, that will be a later post.

Erin, Lyndsey and I sharing a treat after our shopping. Barn House always has special treats for their shoppers. Thank you!
Lyndsey's great find.
Lisa and I sharing some visiting time.
Lori Homola found some great treasures.


  1. How sweet of you to mention me! Wasn't it a blast? It was nice meeting you. I just love being around everyone who is involved with putting on these shows & everyone who attends them. Such great folks.

    Hope to see you at their next event in July. We will probably be food vendors then.

  2. Thanks for a lovely post, Florence!
    We all had a nice time, didn't we :o)
    And look how nice the pictures of you girl friends turned out!!!!

  3. It was a magical day wasn't it... What a nice post and beautiful pictures... It's always good to see you!


  4. You got some great photos of what looks like a really wonderful show! It's making me jealouser and jealouser LOL! So glad spring and summer are here and coming, sales are so fun! Karen

  5. The barn sale looks like it was amazing. What wonderful goodies and your photos are fantastic! I could see why you took 300.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you so much for coming and hanging out with us on Friday and Saturday (not to mention helping us in the middle of all that chaos)! Hope to see you soon!


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