Friday, May 29, 2009

Treasures To Be Found

This was one of my favorite yards in Long Beach Washington, their were several I enjoyed but this was number one for me. The soft cream yellow house with blue shutters, the sling back lawn chairs, the flag, were all very inviting to me. Roger, myself, Lola and Eric all spent the weekend at the beach searching treasures for all. The guys even found "man" things.
It was Memorial Day weekend so we saw lots of flags hung, I am so ever grateful for those who have served our country, those who have given their life that we will be safe. I pray for those who are serving in the war now, including my brother Roger D. who is in Iraq as I write this.
The sign says it all, there were garage sales all through the towns along the Washington Coast starting a Chinook, up through Illwaco, to Long Beach and onto Ocean Park and beyond. We did some serious garage saleing. We have it down pack the guys sit in the back of my expedition, Lola and I up front with me driving on a mission to see what we can find.
Eric scored on a ten dollar leather "coach" wallet, Lola and Roger are looking on in amazement.
This is one of the sales we hit every year, there are always treasures to be found, Lola standing by the fabric table and notice the sign "we have man stuff" that is actually where I found the turquoise pan.
This settee went home with us in my expedition with the promise it would go to my friend Erin's, I would like to have had it, but really did not have a place for it now. Erin and her girls loved it. Thanks Lola and Eric, they were going to put it outside of their fence at the beach and put a sign on it FREE, of course I said I will take it home, so it came home. With a little tender loving care I am sure it is going to look beautiful at Erin's
These turquoise enamel pans were the icing on the cake, I plan to put ice in them with cold drinks for our barbeque's and garden parties. I think they will work great, don't you?
These are just a few of the treasures I found, the turquoise bottle was a big score, along with the platter, the sewing notions had lots of fun stuff in this little card board box, the hat is for my Ms. Scarecrow, the books were actually from my dear friend Erin. The table and chairs are from my cousin Sharon.
Here is a close up the two tape measures, one was made in England and the other was in West Germany, what a find. It pays to look at a treasure box closer you never know what you will find. The tea cup was from England too.
Eric spotted this owl at a sale and said I needed it for my garden, it was only one dollar.
When I got home; hanging on my clothes line was a new vintage apron left by my friend Erin. Thank you, she also picked up some heirloom tomato starts from the Laughing Leaf Farm which is just down from my home and brought them up, putting them safely inside the deer proof fencing so our little deer could not make a meal from them.


  1. I wish I had a friend that left me presies when I was outa town!
    Looks like a great week end was had by all....and that coach wallet was by far the buy of the day!

  2. I'm so happy our Northwest sunshine has finally arrived and has pulled out all the stops. The Garage sales are also hopping this weekend.
    You found a plethora of great deals. I would have tempted to keep the settee too.
    When I first saw the turquoise enamel pans...I thought ice and cold drinks too.

    Sweet wishes,

  3. I am totally jealous that you got to go treasure hunting and find those great things! I went to Longview, went to a couple of Estate Sales, but everything was priced like an antique store! Today was half price day, but I didn't want to make another trip across the river. I am totally in need of a good junk fix. LOL, I actually have been going through a ton of good stuff of my MILs, but I like the sales for investments, too. I can't get rid of family stuff!!!

  4. Love the owl! Keep your eyes open for buckets and tins for garden bells.

  5. It sounds like Garage Sale heaven! I love the settee - I don't think I could have given it up!!

  6. Wow, it looks like you had a fun day!

    You came home with a lot of wonderful treasures too.

    It's always fun to see what other ladies find. I love the enamelware pans, great colors!


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