Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Urban Farm School

My first meeting Toree of Urban Farm School was about ten years ago at the Pomeroy Herb Festival. Toree and her friend had antiques and primitives to sale. She had some great treasures. Then she had a sale in the fall at her home in the city on a dead end road, I got an invitation and went, I was not disappointed. She had created mini farm on this very small lot. I loved her chicken coop and aspired to have one just like it some day. In her front yard she had a old antique tractor with pumpkins scattered around. There were lots of photo opportunities and lots of goodies to take home with me. I continued to follow Toree's sales, where I met Kendra.
My friend Erin and I soak all the knowledge we can from these two women. Check out their website out for more information on their urban farm school. You can even host a "garden for life" class at your home through them.
This is a picture of a photo I took almost ten years ago with my regular camera before digital, so the quality is not the best but you still get the idea. My dad loved it, he used to collect old antique tractors.
An inviting area in the corner of Toree's yard.
Toree has utilized every bit of space with beds to grow her vegetables and flowers it will be neat to watch it become bountiful.
I loved this little cottage potting shed that Toree created on her property, it was very inviting, complete with a wood stove.
Another view of Toree's potting shed.
Toree, me, Erin, and Kendra
Toree and Kendra, Erin and I thank you from the bottom of our Heart for all you do. Keep up your good work.


  1. So true!! This Garden Season is fast becoming one of my favorites due to all the seed saving and garden tricks we have learned from Toree and Kendra. Besides their overall positive impact. See you with Tomatoes and Peppers soon. Erin

  2. How fun to see that you know Toree!
    Joe & I went for "tea & scones" in her backyard shed/cottage, a summer morning a few years ago!
    Toree was a very, very good shop keeper/decorator, but with everything else, life comes with other options & she has found a niche on her own now!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures :o)

  3. Thanks for visiting and your sweet comments. The "farm" looks lovely and what a great idea. Love that "shed"! Wouldn't we all like one of those in our backyard?!? M.

  4. What a marvelous place to visit! I love to garden. I'm always outside puttering away.



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