Monday, July 27, 2009

A Sea Of Lavender

This sea of Lavender is at The Jardin du Soleil farm in Sequim, which was my best over all photo of the fields of Lavender due to the bright sunshine. My friend Erin and I ventured the 3 1/2 hour trip to indulge the Lavender and fill up our senses with this wonder flower and herb. We had a few little side adventures we went on that I will post later, since this is a lot on it's own.
The James House Bed and Breakfast in Port Townsend, Washingtonis where we stayed, which is only about 15 miles from Sequim where the Lavender Festival is held.

This is the outside of the gardeners cottage, it is where we stayed and have stayed a few times, we really like it.
The gardeners cottage has its own private patio. It was perfect for storing our new purchased plants and the cooler, until we found out that the raccoons like to visit at night as well as the deer.
This purple poppy was bountiful in the gardens at the bed and breakfast.
The Lavender Festival in Sequim Washington, this is the 13th year it was held, I have gone to most of them, with my first adventure on my own, all in one day. That would be a whole another story. There are so many different activities no one could be bored. Each farm is unique in its own way. Over the years we have learned to pick and choose which activities we wish to do, thus creating our adventure into the purple haze.
Erin cutting her bundle of lavender, what a gift to go and share this experience with your friend.
Mike and his wife are the owners of Purple Haze Lavender Farm, Mike started this many years ago, he said when he first started he had about 200 people come through the farm, now over 35,000 people come from all over to see this event. I have followed their progress ever since I had started working with herbs and aromatherapy. Mike is a very personable person and very nice to every one he meets. The key to their success I think. This farm was our favorite this year, each year we go, we usually rate the farms and this one won this year.
This was some heady Lavender, straight from the field.
It was strawberry lavender margarita time as you can see on the clock, these were yummy, complete with Lavender sprigs.
This is Geoffrey Castle playing the electric violin. Imagine standing in a Lavender field and hearing this music playing was a great experience. I heard him last year when I went and I didn't want to miss it this year. It would be like going to see Yanni or Kenny G. He is a performer to the crowd for sure.
Cedarbrook Lavender and Herb Farm is one of the oldest Herb Farms in the area, it seems to change from year to year.
The street fair in down town Sequim, had every imaginable lavender product a person could want.
Even purple gloves for that favorite Lavender gardener.
Lots and lots of bundles of lavender hung every where you went.
This is the Sunshine Herb and Lavender Farm. This was the last farm we visited, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing the changes here.
She truly is the Goddess of the Lavender I think.
I love this photo opportunity as I can take pictures of these tractors and turn them into "guy" cards, my dad was a collector of old tractors, I now wish I had one of them.
Erin here relaxing after taking in all that lavender aromatherapy.
Sunday morning after our breakfast ,we had to go to the beach to do a little beach combing and to breathe in that wonderful ocean air. We saw this sign and had to check it out.
Those flowers were beautiful. I love to see these little stands along the road and love to support them.
This beach was full of treasures to be found.
Erin searching for her treasures.
One of my most favorite places to go is the ocean as well as to the mountains. Here I am with some treasures from the sea shore.
In the middle of those rocks is a piece of well sanded sea glass in the white or clear, I like to think of it representing the moon.


  1. Hey,
    we both picked lavender last weekend!
    I love the picture where you indulge in the fragrance of your bouquet :o)
    - Sylvi

  2. I love the first picture of the sea of Lavender, so pretty! I like the tractor photo also. This looked so fun! Seriously Mom, you have to take me with you on some of these adventures! I can leave the kids at home!

  3. It really makes me smile at how much we must have in common! I just love lavender, too, and that trip was wonderful! The lavender poppies made me smile, too, as I once bought a pound of lavender poppy seed to plant down my steep driveway. I think I planted it at the wrong time of year, but it's something I've wanted to try again. What a pretty place to visit; I can smell the lavender now! Karen

  4. What a trip. The poppy picture is my favorite and the one of you in the lavender. Thank you for all the incredible journeys and treasures. But I treasure sharing time with you more than any trip we could ever take. Check my blog for how to extract rose juice. Love You Florence,

  5. Looks like a great week end. I love the pic of the tractors and the one of Erin relaxing in the pretty skirt.
    You always take us on your trips by taking such great pics.

  6. What an amazing trip! Joe and I have to plan a little better next year so we can head out to all of these incredible places...

    J & J

  7. how fun! you and erin had the entire weekend of gardens. and all that lavender! my own blogging friend elizabeth and i went to the lavender farm here in Oregon. you packed your weekend full of delightful memories! and captured some nice photos to prove it :)

  8. Hi Florence...Your lavender photographs take my breath away! Beautiful post....Thanks for stopping by and offering a bit of advice...I appreciate it!
    Take care, Laura :)


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