Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sublimity Garden Tour

On a Sunday afternoon in late June, Roger and I traveled south to Sublimity to a Garden Tour, thanks to the information on Antie Joy's blogspot. The tour was not a disappointment at all, I had many favorites but the photos I am sharing are my most favorite. I love to go to garden tours because you always come away inspired to do something in your own garden that you have seen.
A really cool setting for a hot summer day don't you think.
On our way to the next garden we were to tour, we followed this bean patch, which my husband said that they grow a lot of beans down in this area for the canneries.
Our last two gardens were my most favorite, I think you will see why. This is Diane's yard with this wonderful setting that invites you to come and sit awhile.
This cute little cottage was so inviting and once you looked inside you knew why.
The tea party was ready to enjoy. A little girl or big girls dream house to play in.
This porch was so awesome with so much room, I could really enjoy a nice summer afternoon out here.
A nice place to sit and rest.
Even the chickens got to show their stuff.
This was a very neat and tidy garden plot.
This is Diane of Molly Mos and myself I was so glad to get to meet her, thanks Joy.

This is Pam's house she is friends to Diane's from the last garden. Pam made you feel very comfortable walking around her garden, there is a lot of work that has been done here, it was incredible the whole setting.

This was a cozy hot tub setting complete with vintage curtains.
I loved the saying on the window "because we are friends.....blessed am I. How true that is for me.

The porch was all decked out with a quilt hanging from the railing.
I loved Pam's potting shed it was so cute and very well set up to work in.
Hows this for garden art?
Rest area anyone?
Clever bird house don't you think?
On the road home we discovered a field of orange poppy's a site to be hold.


  1. I LOVE the pink cottage!! I would love to dress up and play in there!

  2. That pink cottage is where we should be :o)
    - Sylvi

  3. It was wonderful to meet you Florence and your husband, your pictures are great. Thank you for coming out and enjoying our gardens, it's so much work but definitely worth it!

    I was thrilled to have so many visitors on the tour that could take a break from the eveyday hectic and just enjoy some beauty. Next year I'll be able to do the same. Hope to see you at my show on 8/22 out here!


  4. I'm so glad you enjoyed the tour. I had fun getting ready for it. The people were so nice and said nice things about my garden. Lots of comments about how much work it must be. But I told them, it isn't work if you love it. Come back anytime. Pam

  5. Hey Florence, blueberries are ready!! Lisa :-)

  6. What a wonderful tour -- thanks for sharing!!

  7. Nice pictures mom....I can't wait until we can use your cottage/studio for a tea party!! Next summer....right???

  8. Thank you, sweet Florence, for your ever positive support & encouragement!
    Love you dearly!

  9. Wow, I love it all. That porch swing is great, too. It all looks very inviting, what a nice tour! Karen


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