Friday, July 31, 2009

Side Trips From The Lavender Festival Adventure

On our way to the Lavender Festival we always have to stop at The Fairie Herb Gardens in Tumwater, Washington. I have been going here for years and have watched it change and grow every time I have visited, it is a must stop going north on I-5 to Seattle. Check out their web site.
Fever Few I am on a mission to find some, I used to have some many years ago, they make a lovely dry flower and you can make a tea out of it for headaches I have been told.

Erin in front of a Pink hydrangea bush, you can tell she is really enjoying this garden.
This Blue hydrangea was one of my most favorite this year at the garden.
This poppy was beautiful and was growing on a bush that was huge, I just can't remember the true name of it.
This allium was in all its glory. We are now off to Port Townsend, Washington for more adventures.
This was one of the shops Petals, we spotted on our way to the Port Townsend Farmers Market, it definitely was a must to see. Check out their web site. I loved the old bike and of course the flowers that were in the basket.
This was at the front entrance to Petals, I loved all the garden decor. Take some quick peeks at what I saw.

These ribbons were gorgeous I wanted them all, but just settled for the yellow daisy's.
These Gerber daisies were beautiful.
One of our side adventures took us to the Port Townsend Farmers Market, I got to experience it last year and knew it had to be on the agenda to go to again this year, I just continue to be amazed at the abundance of produce they have already this year.
Oh how I would love to be able to grow these sweet peas in abundance, someday.
This chard looks so beautiful along with the lettuce and fennel bulbs.
You can tell these two were having a great time, their produce was all organic and looked beautiful.
Oh How I wish I could grow sunflowers like these.
Myself with Denise Joy she is an Herbal Practitioner and has a online business called spirit mountain herbals. I met her several years ago at the Purple Haze Lavender Farm, she is a wealth of information. She was at Port Townsend Farmers Market as well.
One of our most favorite shops to hit in Sequim, is the Heather Creek Home, it is on Washington Street, Mary the owner is so very talented and always have such great treasures to be found.

I always go away from here very inspired.

This was a great herb shop that had a great selection of teas and herbs, they had fresh tea to try and were very friendly and full of knowledge, they had only been open four months, they are just off the main street of Sequim, Washington. You should check it out when you are up that way.
"Peace Rose" One of my most favorites


  1. I want to take this trip it looks like so much fun! I hope you make it to Yakima! I am looking forward to it! Hope to see you there!

  2. This all looks delightful! I need to get myself to a Lavender festival next year. It is my favorite plant, favorite smell...

  3. Nice Post Florence Gee, thank you for the wine.
    I've been so blessed to share such adventures with you. With Fond Memories, Erin

  4. the side trips look like as much fun as the actual lavender festival... good pics...

  5. You are so sweet. I am sure the thoughts brought him home. He has been sleeping all day and "mom" I am not letting him out. Hopeto see you at the sales. Julie


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