Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tarte Magic

Let the magic of Tarte begin. The fresh flowers that were provided by my best friend Erin were at the most very magical. The foxgloves, ferns, roses, daisies, daylilys, Valerian flowers, and many more set the scene for the magic along with Cindy's eye for creating the scene for all of us to ah over. Saturday June 27th, I took my group of friends, the sister hood who have been getting together for almost 30 years now, on an adventure to the the Land Of Tarte. They would not be disappointed.
This was very much fairy like in it there were rose petal gift items and dried flowers and plants to take home to create your own magical garden.
Fresh oregano and some fresh greens with some color were here to entice you with the magic of the plants.
More plants and river rock with wordings on it to suggest the mood or the area where they are put.
This rose covered tea pot or coffee pot was beautiful.
This lovingly picked day lily's and daisy's complete this arrangement ready to go home to some one house.

This area setting was set outdoors for all to be mesmerized by the romantic beauty of the setting. Below you will see more of this same setting.

A nap anyone? I wish in the Pacific NW we could leave something like this bed up year around, instead we have to go to spring and summer and then when it does rain we can bring in the bedding. Creating the atmosphere is wonderful.

The sparkling cider was ready for toasting at the end of the show. Great Job Everyone!
The shopping carts were all dressed and ready for some serious shopping.
This queen is ready for shopping don't you think?
A queen always has to have pearls. Right?
More bouquets to be taken home, canning jars anchored with stones and filled with Gerber daises were beautiful.
Annie, Fannie and Abigal have some of the best displays, they are also at Monticello Antique Mall in Portland.
The twins Diane and Donna, I think this is a great photo of them together, they do such hard work and find some of the best treasures.

My friend Robin and myself, you will see Robin made it in all the photos of each of our ladies in group.
My friend Judy and Robin.
My friend Lola and Robin.
Country Living at its best!


  1. It sounds like a wonderful day! Great pics, thanks for sharing your day.

  2. Thank you it is so hard to narrow down what I take in photos. I am glad you enjoyed them.

  3. Nice pictures. The bike with the Anne of Green Gables! It would be fun to sleep on a nice comfy bed under the stars, sure would beat the cot we used to sleep on outside.

  4. It's all so beautiful, thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures. I wish we could leave fabrics and stuff out all year here in the pacific nw too. Enjoy it while we can. Looks like we may get some rain today, but it held off pretty good for the 4th! Have a great day, Karen

  5. Hey Florence, did you make it to Barn House today? I was wishing I'd finally get there, but hubby had different plans for me. Karen


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