Thursday, October 1, 2009

Camas Vintage Street Faire 2009

Despite the rain on this Saturday morning the 19th of September it was well worth the drive to Camas, Washington to attend the first Camas Vintage Street Faire, put on by Worthy Goods. The vendors were fabulous and were in great spirit despite the rain, I did hear the weather got better as the day went on. This photo was taken from Debi of Ormolulu's space, she came down from up north in the Seattle area.
The next few photos are from the Worthy Goods space, Laurie and Debbie come up with some real neat things for their space.
Oh I did buy that rolling pin it looks like it might have come from a bakery, my husband said if you can hit some one with that, they would definitely be out coal. I just think it will be fun to using in my baking.

Truly scrumptious by Kimberly Koch says it all, she makes the most wonderful pastries in the world. Thank you for my treats.
This is The Vintage Sparrow, Natalie's space, she has all that I want, I love her taste in rustic primitives, Natalie's personality is so sweet and I can tell her husband Lynn is of great help to her. Below are some more photos from their space, there were some things from the Barn House use Boys in this space as well.

This is Erin's of Rickety Picket space, she is from up north in the Tacoma, Seattle area, I have gotten to see her several times this which has been a real treat. I think she will be at the Funky Junk Sister's sale in Puyallup this month.

This is from the Kindred Roses space, they have a great eye for what everyone is looking for.

A reminder to Enjoy the Harvest. I have another post of the Deepwood Estate sale in Salem, that I took my husband to that I will post in the next couple of days.


  1. I didn't see you there!! I got a lt of nice stuff that day :) Hope you are doing well.

  2. Florence--wish you had introduced yourself! Thanks so much for putting my seashells on your blog. It was such a wet day . . . the seashells handled it better than some of my other things. I'll be at Portland Expo in Hall E--come say hello!


  3. Hi Florence, thank you for your prayers. You take the best photos!!! Hope to see you soon
    Julie, Kindred Roses

  4. Wonderful pictures! I wish I had been there! Thanks for the showin' and tellin'.
    smiles, alice


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