Saturday, October 3, 2009

Deepwood Estate Antique Faire

Yes I do some times take my husband Roger to these sales, this one I enticed him with a classic car show, music and food, that was all it took. This was my second day of treasure hunting in the same weekend, so I have been pretty busy, finding just those right items. Historic Deepwood Estate Antique Faire was worth the drive to Salem, Oregon, the weather was perfect for the drive. I definitely would go again next year.

The photo above and the two below are from Molly Mo's, Halo Hill and one other person that I don't remember their name. Check Molly Mo's and Halo Hill's blogspot for upcoming shows.

Guinne has some of the most incredible vintage clothing, I actually bought this little outfit for my granddaughter when she gets older, I could see her in it out in my flowers, now that would make a great photo. I think. The next two photos are from the same booth, one of these times I am just going to have buy one of those can cans.

There was live music which really adds to the atmosphere of a show, they are local Salem group called J.T. and the Tourists, I really liked their music because it was from my era when I was a teenager, so who wouldn't like it.
This photo and the photo below are from Joy's space, the bed sure did look inviting. These fall flowers were great, and the chickens below with it's own eggs were temping for some one collects Chickens.

Queen of Tarte had her crown ready for some one to purchase, it was definitely fit for a Queen, don't you think.

Cindy, Martha and Betty all having some fun.
This was Martha's Space from Vintage Triffles, I love all the glitter she uses and her work with nature in her finished products.
This space was Coleen's Reflections, she is an amazing artist, I had the pleasure to meet her at Farm Chicks Sale in Spokane, what a nice lady.
This is a close up of one of Coleen's dolls.
The grounds of this estate were a great joy to explore. Lots of arch ways leading to where it might take you to, perhaps a surprise.
This path led to a secret garden according to Martha and yes I had to check it out. The path lined flowers were such a bonus and there was bench to rest on.


  1. oooh that sparkly crown! I love it! and that pink tutu! awesome!

  2. Hi Florence,
    It was great to see you yesterday at the Outdoor Gala. Deepwood looks like a show I need to go next year.

  3. Beautiful!! Looks like there would have been almost too much money-spending temptation there for me!! Wow. The grounds and house are incredible, too.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!

  4. Hi Florence! You took fantastic pictures! And it truly looks like an amazing show!! Glad you had such a good time :)


  5. I think I might just check this one out next year! Great pics, and the weather was perfect..Lisa :-)


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