Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Lewis River Was Roaring

The Lewis River was roaring. It was very pristine looking to my excitement. All the snow and rain we had these last couple weeks, I was totally expecting chocolate water, well no it was a beautiful clear with a hint of green. The air was very cool and crisp, creating for an invigorating walk in the park. My friend Erin and I have planned to make many of these such walks in our future. Not only do we get to enjoy the scenery but get to share our thoughts and aspirations.
My friend Erin joined me for this walk in the park. We are both nature girls, loving to be out doors. Do you share that common bond with some one?
Take me to the river and I am one Happy Woman! How about you?
The Lewis River was overflowing it's banks.
There was some standing water, but not near as much as I thought there might be.
Natures art. "Peace" symbol on this rock makes me smile. How about you?
Exploring the usena also known as old mans beard. Working for a natural path for seven years, allowed me to learn about so many herbs and plant life that is right in our own woods, that are used for medicinal purposes. Usnea is used in respiratory issues, as well as women's health.
Erin checking out the stretch that usnea has, it was so fun to share this information with her.
Check out that limb. Beautiful!
The ferns growing on the tree limbs. Magical!
I will continue to take paths this year that lead me out doors. Where will your path take you?


  1. Such lovely pictures. My husband walks there often and mentioned the water was way up.

  2. I bet it was fun to watch the river flow! I love Erin's purple coat :) For some reason I am not an outdoors women, Im not sure why. I am definitively a homebody, especially this time of year :)

  3. How awesome! I kinda like the stormy, rushing water, powerful feeling. However, today at my friend's house, I did NOT mention this, as she is fearing a flood. I'm always happy with some stormy weather as long as no one gets hurt. Thanks for sharing your walk Florence!


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