Monday, January 2, 2012

A Perfect Way To Start The New Year!

It was a perfect way to start the New Years, with a walk at Lewisville Park. The air was cool and crisp. Roger insisted that I wear my new hiking boots. Weighing in at 4# of weight on my feet, ugh. He is my personal trainer and sometimes he can be brutal. It is what I need, however I don't admit it to him. I just tell him he is so brutal. He counters back to me that he is letting me set the pace. Yeah right? Do you have someone that pushes you beyond your limits? I do know that I am always glad when he has just done that in the end. The feeling of accomplishment is a spirtual high!
A very swollen view of the river. We have seen this river at so many different stages.
This is the upper trail at the park, giving us some endurance training with all the up and down hills.
Reflections ahead!
Taking some time for reflecting. Are you taking time for feeding your spirit? Finding the balance.


  1. What a beautiful walk. My husband helps me so much too.
    I like what you said about spiritual refreshment. That is a good thought.

  2. Hello Florence~a new year with new possibilities. I think as we get older (but still young at heart} we reflect more on cherishing every moment life brings...knowing how precious time is. Thanks for reminding me to "find my balance while feeding my spirit."

    Sweet wishes.

  3. Happy New Year, Florence!

    This has got to be one of the most beautiful walks I have ever seen. What a glorious place to take time for yourself.



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