Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Will Be Doing This!

I will be doing a lot of this, walking that is. I have some goals set for myself to accomplish. I did several walking events last year and will continue to do that again this year, pushing myself to excel beyond last years limits. What are your goals this year? I started slow with very low miles, working up to a half marathon, yes 13.1 miles. More to come on those experiences. In the mean time I am off to walk at our local park. We have an awesome park in our area that gives you some endurance training with some beautiful sites along the way. Our Lewis River runs through this park making for a pristine beautiful experience. Fills my spirit! What fills your spirit?


  1. Congrats...I too am going to be training for a 10k and then maybe will be able to do the 1/2 in August..its an all girls event in Vancouver..did you do it last year?

  2. That is so good, I was walking like that until I got sick in November, I have lost so much and I have to start over. I did ease back into it but gosh it goes away so fast.
    I think that is a nice goal and I love that picture.
    Have fun!


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