Friday, April 6, 2012

Farm Girls Went Adventuring!

The Farm Girls were ready for an adventure. March 31st we were off. I was giddy with excitement to share a couple of two new shops with them. First stop however was Bob's Red Mill, to nourish our bodies with some good food, and to stock up on our supplies. If you haven't gone there, you should. To me it reminds me a little of the Old Natures without the produce. I started shopping Natures back in the late sixties. I think that dates me. Anyone shop Natures when they were in SW Portland. I went to Portland Community College back then, it was my must place shop at.
When the Farm Girls get together we like to share our journal pages from our last gathering and any new finds we have discovered since we got together. Here Katy and I are sharing The Pioneer Woman Cooks latest cookbook. Roger has already gone through this and marked so many recipes. I think it is a hit at our house. Have you seen it yet?
Our next stop was to K.Marie's in Milwaukie. Go to her blog for hours and location. In the meantime, enjoy our adventure.
I so very much enjoyed sharing K.Marie with my fellow Farm Girls.

I think Erin was really liking all these French inspired treasures.

Kelli showed us where she will have some crafting classes, coming up in June, I believe.
This is Kelli's craft and supply table. Wow!
Some French tokens! Yes!!!

Kelli and I. I was so excited to bring my Farm Girls to see her special shop. Kelli is so cordial and so inviting for us to visit. Thank you Kelli!
Our next stop was Enchante', just a few doors down from K.Marie's. One cannot go home without some sweetness. Don't you agree?
Erin in ah over all the sweetness of this Enchanting store.
Farm Girl Robin checking out all the Easter treasures.
Katy is so excited with all this chocolate. Yum!
Although too much light in the background, I still wanted to share this photo. Erin and I sharing our excitement of our purchases.
Katy was pretty happy with all of her sweet treats from Enchante'. Can you tell by her smile?
You can see by the back of my car, we do know how to shop. Lots of great goodies came home for all these Farm Girls.
Our Farm Girls like to gift each other with special treats. Katy prepared the fix ins for us to have a perfect dinner to indulge in. I prepared mine the next day. Yummy.
Martha Steward Thumbprint coconut salted caramel nest.
A Spring basket of goodies.
A sweet baby chick!
Finishing off our day the girls went with me to pick up my packet for The Race For The Roses 5K I was participating in the next day. Thank you fellow Farm Girls. We know how to pack a lot of adventures in one day. Wouldn't you think so?


  1. What a fun day your gals had!! Imust get down to Milwaukie and visit those shops!!
    Happy Easter,

    :>) Annette

  2. Oh look at the fun you had. Yum, breakfast at Bob's, Yum again! I always enjoy your shopping tips and look at all your goodies! From the pictures lots of fun was had by all!

  3. Well it looks like such a nice day. You asked where I lived in California? I live in the Central part of California.
    I bet you had such a nice time.

  4. You girls really know how to have a good time. I've got to find the directions to Enchante' and K'Maries. I would have loved all the Parisian treasures too. That Eiffel Tower is gorgeous. It surely would have wanted to come home with me.

    Sweet Easter wishes,

  5. Do you live in Oregon??? or just visiting??
    I'm in Eugene if you are ever down this way, I would love to meet you and show you around.
    (my store first, of course!) =)

    barbara jean


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