Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter at The Baker's

A beautiful day to celebrate Easter with the family. We all went to The Baker's for brunch and some time together. Chants, Ashton and Kevin enjoy time to do well what boys do. I can't wait for this tree to bloom, it has some beautiful pink blossoms, perhaps by mother's day? We had a wonderful relaxing afternoon, finishing up our day going for a hike with Julie, Jessica and Chants.
Julie, me, and Jennifer, we were missing Heather and her family. Clearly I am the shortest one here, what is happening?
Brayden and Jennifer, Brayden is one of the best little babies I know. I look at those eyes and see such depth into his little mind.
Jordan, what a sweetie, love his smile.
Chants my oldest grandson, he is so handsome. We got a great smile here.
Jessica, Julie, roger and Brayden sitting on the porch swing. Ahh to have more days like this.
Two beautiful girls. Jessica my granddaughter and Jennifer my middle daughter.
I gave all the kids glitter filled silly puddy, oh my did they have fun. Jessica, Brayden, Roger and Jordan. Oh the memories of our girls playing with silly puddy when they were younger.
Jeremy decided it was time to get his raised beds ready for planting, as you can see Jordan was wanted to help. The boys had a lot of fun finding all those great worms that were aerating the soil.
Dinner was on, here is Jeremy with his ham, he is the chief cook at the Baker household. We are very blessed to have his culinary talents. This ham was very yummy!
Julie my oldest was asked to bring her yummy cheesy potatoes, lets just say they were a hit.
I was asked to bring a salad, so I chose a vegetable salad and a fruit salad, also Jennifer ask me to bring cinnamon rolls. Well I tried to make them healthy using wheat flour, well you guessed it, they did not rise much and were very dense. Anyone out there have better luck using wheat flour for cinnamon rolls?
A yummy fruit salad sweetened with agave.
This was my plate. I passed up the cheesy potatoes for a mimosa, a wise choice for me.
After our Easter brunch the Muma's and the Hoff's were off for a six mile+ hike. On the agenda was Molten Falls. The weather was absolutely perfect.
Chants found a perfect little sitting area at the falls. I think he was happy with it.
That's my Jessica eating healthy, good girl!
My goal was to enjoy the view, of which I did; however my pace is clearly faster than the rest of my family. You can see the rest of the group in the distance. Could it have been the fact that I knew how far we had to go and that we were going to be beating daylight to get back to the car?
The waterfalls are roaring right now. You need to get out there and explore them.
Do you see the horse in the rock formation that Jessica is standing by?
This little guy wanted to hitch a ride, we would see two of these on our walk. We moved it to be closer to the water.
Trillium are abundant now, have you seen them this spring?
A view of the Lewis River from the train trestle.
Although it looks like Chants is looking like "ok Grandma what did you get us into. We still have to walk the 3+ miles back to the car at the Hantwick Trail Head. We did it before it got dark, but it was close. What kind of adventures did you do on Easter?


  1. Oh my, an ambitious Easter hike you had! It is always special when you can spend it with family. Hope you have a great weekend coming up! hugs!!

  2. Looks like a fun day. Thanks for sharing the pics.


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