Friday, August 3, 2012

Barn House Vintage and Antique Marketplace 2012 Part III

I love Liz's clean crisp look,  I first met Liz at Farm Chicks a few years ago.  Her spirit and smile can't help put a smile on your face.   
Sweet Hattie, Liz's daughter, she knows how to get cozy in this very inviting setting.
Sparrow, OMG one of my most favorite people.  Natalie, Lynn and their family are the neatest family. That Natalie finds some of the best stuff. I feel like we are kindred spirits that will last a life time.
Natalie and I.  I love this photo of Natalie and I , I had Lynn take a photo of us, and just like my Roger, he just clicked away.  Thanks Lynn!
I was so excited to get one of these sail boats that Natalie made!
I got that enamel ware pitcher to add to my collection. Yeah!  I told Natalie how those canvas picking bags sure brought back memories from picking pears up in Hood River, when I was in high school.  Oh those memories!
Auntie Joy!  Love this girl.  I have said this before, but it was Joy that gave me the confidence that I should do a blog,  The rest is history!
My friend Joy and I!
Did I tell you that Joy makes some really cool jewelry?
Ahh the galvanized!
Another young entrepreneur coming up the ranks.  Sam, son of Joy and Dave. I think he has this down!  love his smile!
Madison Park, now that Randy can sure find some really cool things.
I hope you have enjoyed this journey with me.  Thinking I could do this journal post in three posts, I will have to do one more to get all I wanted in.
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  1. Keep the pictures coming!!! I'm so in dreamland with your photos!

  2. Such wonderful images, Florence. You captured the mood and feel of the event beautifully! Hope to see you at Plucky on the 16th!

  3. It was so fun seeing you Florence. Thanks for the beautiful pictures, you always capture the moment to perfection! xo


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