Thursday, August 2, 2012

Barn House Vintage & Antique Marketplace 2012 Part II

The Barn House Boys built it and they came.  The line started early with anxious customers to shop for their special treasures.  This coffee wagon was the perfect touch added to the show this year.
The line continues! Wow!
How about this sweet ride?
Or this one?
Now I am thinking some real shopping here!
I just leaned that this is Matt, Diane of Molly Mo's sweetie.  Thank you for sharing your music with us. Now onto more vendors.
Cindy from Tarte.
Brooke Ahana Bailey from LA showing her line in Cindy's space. A sweet spirit that girl has!
My love for galvanized, I should have gotten this.
Julie from Kindred Roses. Love her smile!
The Garden Girl, I first met the Garden Girl in Yakima, Washington.  She has a shop there, when in Yakima be sure and check her out!
Diane of Molly Mo's.  Her and Martha shared a space in the barn.  They bring a great selection of goods to these shows.  Diane will be hosting a sale this month, August 18th, go to her site to get more information.
Farm and Frills Chris and Amy, they have a new store in Buckley, Washington.  Go check them out.
Lisa of A Thing For Roses
Isabella of Maison Douce
Memories um?  Daisy trimmed dress? For me YES!
Joyce of Calamity Jane and Monticello Antiques.
Junk Girls from San Luis Obispo, California
Thea's daughter Issabella the next entrepenuer.  I am thinking.  How about you?
Um?  I wonder why I liked this "F"?
Jenni of Life's a Spice!  Yum!
Over the years Katherine has provided us with yummiest for our tummies.
I was so glad to have the chance to make a healthy choice on the menu. Yum!
Her cup cakes are to die for and always sell out!
The perfect spot to get a bite to eat and listen to the music.  I end this post here.  I still have several more vendors I want to share, including Sparrow, Auntie Joy, House of Harvest, Worthy Goods, Randy from Madison Park, Seabold,, Camas Antiques, Garrett and more. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. Thank you Florence for the great pics, of course, I forgot my camera but wouldn't of had time to take any pics, was soooo busy! PS- that's my sweetie matt playing the guitar! It was great to see you, hope you can make it down on the 18th!


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