Sunday, August 5, 2012

Barn House Vintage & Antique Marketplace 2012 IV

Camas Antiques they are right in my back yard practically, for a great selection of  treasures go here, along with Montiello Antiques in Portland, Oregon.  We are blessed in our part of the Pacific Northwest with some wonderful Antique Malls.
I think I am coveted this arrow.  Oh so sweet!
Who can resist these antiques bottles.  Not me!
Garret, love this man's spirit. He has a shop in Roseville, California that I am anxious to see, on my way to see my daughter in Northern California.
  This is some of the flannel shirts waiting to be explored and chosen from.

Garret  has some great choices here.  Did I tell you I am a flannel girl?  After all I am a Farn Girl at Heart!  I love to cozy up into a cozy flannel almost anytime of the year.
Love these throws that Garrett brought.  I bought one, they are light weight perfect for a warm evening when you just want  a little cover.  I am going to stop here, one more post on Barn House 2012 to come.
Thank you for sticking with me on this long post.  Hope it is worth it for you to enjoy.  I know I sure enjoyed myself.
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