Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Celebrating Life

Celebrating Life. This weekend myself and six other women traveled to the Oregon coast to celebrate the life of our dear cousin, sister, and aunt. Sharon who left this world on December 2,2008, at the age of 50 will truly be missed. She was a loving caring person, she loved gardening, she was very inquisitive about things, always sharing her found treasures with you. She would say things as she saw them. She loved her dogs, they were her children. She experienced more things than allot of us will in our own lifetime. She always could make you laugh. Sometimes I would leave her home thinking about what she had just said and would ponder over it for days. I felt very blessed to have her come into my life.
The seven of us women laughed, cried, ate, laughed and cried more. However we know she was with us in spirit and that would make us smile. We adventured to many of Sharon's favorite places she would frequent when she came to the beach. All and all it was a healing weekend for us all.
Sharon and I at her house celebrating my birthday last July. We always had so much fun.
Sharon loved rocks and gemstones and anything from nature.
We went just south of Lincoln City to toss our wine bottle into the ocean with messages for Sharon. Some of us climb over the fence to get closer to the water so we could get the bottle out farther into the ocean. The water was absolutely incredible there to see.
We took a bottle of Pink Truck wine, drank it the night before, then filled it with notes from each of us and little treasures that would be special to Sharon. It was nice that the wine bottle had a pink label so we could see it in the water. The water was the most beautiful aqua color I have ever seen at the Oregon coast. Some of us were blessed to be able to go to Cancun to experience the beauty of the Caribbean ocean with Sharon.
Goodbye Sharon We Love You!
Here's' to you Sharon. She loved to go to McMenamins for Raspberry Beer!This was found in a journal that I received from Sharon's sister Donna that belonged to Sharon. These are her very words written in her hand writing: I believe in God, Love, Peace,Joy, and Fairies. A happy place some where set aside for our soles to go and rest. A place where the air is light and clear, the stars shine bright and wild. Where the moon glows with a blue sheen. The water runs crisp and clear, cool and fresh where all that lives there is at peace.


  1. That was a great post Mom and a wonderful tribute to Sharon. You brought me to tears again. Im so glad you girls got to go do that.

  2. Oh Florence what an special way to honor Sharon. So glad I got to meet her.

  3. What a beautiful way to honor your (cousin, sister, aunt) Sharon... Thank you for sharing such a sweet and special time...


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