Sunday, March 15, 2009

On a Mission

I'm On a mission to master Bath Bombs (Fizzys) I went to my friend Jan's house to tackle the art of making bath fizzys. We decided to try out her silicone rubber: bird and duck mold with the soap base we have been working with. They turned out too darn cute. Don't you think so? I think they look like spring and I know we are all anxious for it to come. We knew that they would turn out with out a failure happening.
Heres Jan starting the process, we are very optimistic, we are having way too much fun!
I am so excited this looks like it will work. Yeah!!!!!!!!
Back in time. Oh No! This was my first attempt at making bath bombs, Heather and I tried it when I was at her house in Montana. At first I thought maybe it was the 3000 ft elevation we were at, then I thought maybe too much water. I was ready to give that up for good.

These look so promising I am so excited. Jan and I are all giggly and excited about accomplishment. Oh no!!!!! The bath bombs have grown warts after a half hour, now what do we do? I was so hopeful.
I think I will just stay with the new bath( balms) I have made, they are not as difficult to make and I really like how they feel when I get out of the bath. Check out the pink soap it is two "Love Fairies", a beautiful mold my friend Jan from Queenocrete got on ebay.
I think I will just relax and enjoy my new cook book from The Farm Chicks In The Kitchen. I have been anxiously awaiting it's release. Bath Balms take me away to another world.


  1. Fun post Mom. I love the fairy soap! and the birds are so cute!

  2. Shame on you for showing our warted fizzies! (hehe)but if you consider how much better they are than your first batch I think it is possible to make them successfully.
    Had a great time!

  3. The birds are sooooo cute! The fizzies look nice too, even with warts! :-)

  4. I got a card from Farmchicks yesterday, for their booksigning. I am determined to try and get a family trip somehow, someway, to got to their sale! Hockinson, now that is up in the tullies, near where Barnhouse is, am I right? I remember that name, and I remember that I just LOVE the land up there! So, the times I've been to BH sales, there were a ton of others going on and we hit all we found. Did you have one going on, too? Karen


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