Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Spring is in the air for sure this week, the warmth of the sun sure does feel good. We live up in the hills of Clark County Washington, so we have to be careful not to get too anxious about planting, as we could have some good frosts still. I did check my garlic that I planted last November, thanks to my friend Erin who reminded me to do it, (so it could winter in and be ready to come up this spring). Yeah it is up about 3inches, I sure do hope I get a good crop. I bought my garlic cloves from two separate places that grow their garlic crops at a higher elevations, so I think I am going to be safe. In the mean time I have crafting with some beautiful soaps, using the finest ingredients, putting some awesome combinations together. I am able to sale them at my office. I lease a room to do aromatherapy therapy and skin care treatments. Enjoy some of my treasures to follow in the photos below.
These two bird soaps are sure to capture your heart and go home with you for spring.
These little bird soaps are just chirping away because they are all cozy together, it was so fun to come up some way to transport them to my office to sale.
These ducks are sunning themselves on this platter hoping to get noticed by someone to take them home.
These little duck soaps are nestled down waiting for a new home to go to.
The dragon fly soap is most precious, it has so much detail.
I hope you can see the detail of this soap it is titled faerie lovers, it is beautiful and has been saleing very fast at my office. The roses are very exquisite.


  1. I love the dragon fly soap! and the birds are so cute! I love how they are so cozy in their little "nest" :)

  2. I can almost feel the creativity coming through my monitor looking at all your lovely soaps. I love your endless is contagious!
    Visit my new blog so see what I have been doing as well:


  3. Hi F;orence,
    I am glad to have finally found your blog! You certainly figured all the cyber business out quick enough! I read your back entries and I a excited about your Farmgirl group! and your grandbabies are adorable!

  4. Those soaps remind me of when I was little! Very cute! Karen

  5. I just realized you're from SW Washington! I'm in Clatskanie, pretty close neighbors LOL. Karen


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