Friday, March 27, 2009

Julie's Birthday

March 26, 1973 Julie Anne Muma came into this word as our first born child. I remember the day very clearly. We were very anxious for her, hoping she would be born on my husband's mom's birthday the 25th of March, which was also my brothers birthday. We lived a good half hour from the hospital, I remember the ride well, as we were laughing with excitement that we
were about to have our first child. We did not know what we were having because they did not offer that option to us. We would not have cared either way. She came to us healthy and was a great joy to our life and is still today. She now carries on the tradition of giving us two grandchildren from her Jessica who is now 12 and Chants who is now 10.
Julie is Queen for the day, she says she is only 29, but we know better we know she is 36.
Here is Julie with her nephew Jordan Baker, he definitely has some of the Muma traits if you compare him to the first photo of Julie when she was a baby.
Heres Julie with her new cook book "The Farm Chicks In The Kitchen with Chants and Jessica looking on. Julie is very much a farm chick, she loves to cook and create too.


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