Friday, March 13, 2009

Hanging out with the Baker Boys

We went to the Bakers to give Jennifer a little break, since her husband was away on a job. This is Jordan he is 4 months old, he loves to be held like this, I think because he likes to see what is going on. He is developing his own little personality, it will be fun to see if he is more like Kevin or Ashton. To see what is going on with the Baker Boys check out Me and My Boys blogspot.
Yummy ! Kevin and Ashton help to frost and decorate the heart shape cookies. Their reward for eating all their dinner. Papa Roger made a comment this might be a mistake. (Thinking that it might get them too hyped up) mom does not let them have alot of sugar, I am sure knowing that can happen. What are grandmas and papas for, other than to spoil the grandkids. Right? By bed time they were just fine.
I think the boys and Papa Roger enjoyed those heart sugar cookies, especially Kevin. Don't you ?
Jordan just hanging out while we ate dinner, he looks content. What a neat invention for the babies to sit in when they are this age, freeing up moms and grandmas to do their thing.


  1. Thanks again. Im so glad my boys have such a great relationship with their Mimi & Papa! They are so lucky!

  2. You are a terrific Mom, Grandma, sister, but especially friend!!

  3. Hi Florence,

    How am I suppose to get to bed when your blog is so interesting? I've been waiting to hear about your trip to Montana. Knowing you, you had a great time with Heather. The Baker Boys are adorable. They are all getting so big.
    Miss you and hope to see you soon.



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