Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Barn People Party at Chaps

The invitation came and I e-mailed my farm girl traveling friends to see if they all wanted to go and I got immediate response well YES. We were all so excited. Thank you goes out to The Barn House Boys, Queen of Tarte and Celeste at Chaps. You provided for us all a wonderful evening and party with memories to share for years to come. This was a perfect ending to the first day at The Farm Chick Sale. I have one more post to do on The Farm Chick sale so stay tuned for the rest of the Story.
The setting was perfect some what magical and festive.
This is what greeted us as we entered the party.
Check out those springs are they just great holders for snow cone cups filled with peanuts?
Check out all those Chaps, the decor was such eye candy for those who like to take photos.
The music was great.
Cindy of Queen of Tarte and her friend that I have totally lost her name, I am sorry, please forgive me. Check out Cindy's bracelet, it is a crown.
Lots of conversations were made around the tables.
The party was delightful complete with music and good food and conversation.
Some great conversations were had by all and I am sure some net working was probably going on too.
These three ladies are having a great time, I met them and I do not remember their names so I apologize, but they were all so sweet and full of smiles.
Some scenes from the party look close and you can see the table covers are burlap. Barn House look.
Isabella and Joy enjoying some relaxing time.
Lisa with Found Object Gems and Needful Things and Celeste with Chaps one of our hostess for this event who owns the restaurant thank you so much for the great food and entertainment.
Jermone and Isabella sharing some conversation, those lemon heads were yummy, too bad I was the designated driver so I only had one.
The sodas, the beers were all nice and cold waiting for those who wanted to indulge. I think that cast iron tub is from Europe, it was way too cool.
Great way to display all those marshmallows and the boots adding to the theme with the chocolate waiting near by.
The chocolate was awesome and not just your ordinary chocolate hershey bars and look how they displayed the graham crackers.
Jermone and Erin sharing some thank you time.
I loved this picture of John Wayne, he is probably one of my most favorites when it comes to Western movies.
Isabella and Lisa enjoying some down time before another day at The Farm Chicks.
Robin, Katy and myself enjoying some great food. Thanks to Barn House Boys, Queen of Tarte and Chaps. The Farm Girls from Mary Janes Chapter say a big THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. WOW, Florence, these pictures are awesome!! I am STILL kicking myself for forgetting our camera at the hotel. I plan to do a special post on The BP Party soon and will be sending folks your way! Thanks so coming for coming to our little party, bringing your wonderful friends, and being a part of something really special for us. :o)

    J & J

  2. You got some great shots! I am lol about forgetting names because of this same conversation we had at the party. So funny.
    Hope you are well my friend!

  3. Oh! I want a copy of that picture of Jermonne and I. Can't wait to see ALL your picture cause I know you took more. Hope you are having a great week! Have been doing lots of gardening and hosted all the daughter's friend's last night. They wanted to stay we are so blessed with family and friends. Many Blessings, Erin

  4. PS ...Great new background...E


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