Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Journey To Farm Chicks Begins

Robin, Katy and Erin and the car is loaded ready to head east to Spokane. We left my house at 7:00am, first stop Hood River at the Starbucks for a Chai Coffee and potty break, then on to I-84 towards Spokane. Well not quite yet we had to have another pit stop at a rest stop just before Boardman, Oregon, then on the road again. Another pit stop at Ritzville to gas up and you guessed it another potty break. We headed north taking a detour on some country roads to Reardan, Washington to go to the Buggy Barn Quilt Shop.
We took the back roads to Buggy Barn thanks to "Gerdie" my GPS guide I could not resist a photo opportunity when I saw this house, so we backed up and took the photo. We saw some beautiful country sides and some awesome barns.
Our First Destination.
The four of us after we checked the quilt shop out. We had planned to eat our lunch on the road so we tailgated for our break, before heading onto Mary Janes Shop in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.
Myself, robin and Katy checking things out. Look at all the quilts, this is a small shop but has a lot to offer. They do a wonderful Quilt Show the end of August outside, they include other vendors as well in their upper barn.
Our next stop was in Coeur d' Alene Idaho to show the girls Mary Janes Store. It has all organic items and just a beautiful selection of items to choose from. Mary Jane is where our Farm Girl group got our start from. Mary Jane also has a new store in Moscow, Idaho that just recently opened.
Check out this cozy bath tub filled with pillows.
Erin checking out some of Mary Jane's books.
This is a romantic bed setting. Check out the headboard.
Check out the lamp shade.
Myself, Katy, Robin and Erin with our treasures. Now we will go and check into our Hotel and get ready for the BIG day on Saturday at The Farm Chicks Sale. I decided to do this post in three sections because there is so much to see. I hope you will enjoy. Stay tuned to "the rest of the story".


  1. Did you get to go to Funk Junk sale, too? I'm so jealous, I missed both of them! All day the last 2 Saturdays I've been thinking of all the fun I was missing! Karen

  2. You came to Coeur d'Alene!! What fun is that. It sounds like you enjoyed your time at our Mary Jane store. I just love it.


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