Monday, June 22, 2009

Funky Junk Sale

A last minute decision to drive north to Puyallup, Washington to The Funky Junk Sister's Sale was well worth the drive. I got to see several fellow bloggers and actually got lots of photos with them, I think I will have to start a blogger photo album with all my new friends.
Here are I am at The Funky Junk Sisters Booth, they are in the back ground I should have had them pose for me so I could of gotten a group shot. They did one awesome job putting this show together with some great vendors. Thank you very much.
This old ford pickup sure caught my eye, I just never know what year they are, Roger and I had a 1950 Red Ford Pick Up when we were first married, we bought from a buddy for $50.00, then when we needed the money he bought it back from us and this kept going on for a few years until he ended up with it. Darn I wish we had it now.
It was good to see Deb with Retreat Designs, her crowns are adorable and very creative. I hear she is going to be at Barn House in July for the Flea market.
The Country Store had a really cool and fun booth, I had first met them up at Farm Chicks so it was neat to see them again.
Myself with Kris of the Country Store.
This was from the Rickety Picket booth, I loved all this Americana and primitive things.

Patricia with tippy stockton and Erin. She had some very beautiful jewelry and very colorful items for sale.
Tippy Stockton's booth had incredible color, it was like a breath of fresh sunshine.
Tiffany of Shabby Scraps with her daughter. It was so cool to meet Tiffany as I have been following her blog for awhile now.
Tiffany and I .
One of Tiffany's displays.
This is Deb from Garden Party it was the first time that I had met her, what a beautiful lady with so much talent.
Lulu and I, I did not notice Lulu was barefoot, you go girl. I found a necklace with the letter "F" on it for me.
We saw a lot of Americana at this show, which has always been a favorite of mine.
Erin and I with our treasures that we found. Thanks Kris from The Country Store for taking this photo of us.


  1. Looks great my friend. What a great trip. I enjoyed watching Lulu walk around in her barefeet. She has such a comfortable attitude just makes youfeel relaxed and at home. I love that!! Erin

  2. Great post as usual Florence! You have a gift with your photos. I swear you provide enough info one could just follow you around on the blog and never leave home and feel like they were at each sale.
    Wish I could have gone with you.

  3. Florence, it looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Hi Florence, I love the picture of you and Kris.
    Please do come and see us at the store in Sumner one day soon!

  5. Hi Florence,
    The garden show is in Sublimity. I'm sure there will be signs all over town, it is a small town so you can't miss it. It is put on by the historic society. I think it starts at noon.

  6. I'm loving that vintage prom dress!


  7. Florence, I have so much fun on your blog! I love all the reporting you do on the shows you've gotten to go to! One of these days, considering how much we have in common, we are going to have to meet up! Karen

  8. it looks like you had so much fun here with all those great friends! and thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog florence :) you are very kind.


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