Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Farm Chick Sale Saturday

The sale has finally arrived and we all anxiously await the opening, the sky is blue and the warmth in the air makes it perfect for the wait. Once inside the doors as I watched my fellow farm girl friends begin to take it all in, I said I have a plan: Lets go our own way and meet up in a couple hours at this certain spot, keeping in mind if we want to show each other something remember where it is at. I knew that they were in such ahhhhhhhhhhhh! as I was. That seemed to work really well for us. Thank you Friends.
Myself, Katy and Robin waiting anxiously for the doors to open for some serious shopping.
As we entered the fair grounds building hanging on the wire fence wall; were canning jar vases filled with simple flowers. Very welcoming.
This is Mimi I think she is having fun in her boots and flouncy skirt. She was a delight to visit with.
This is Deb with retreat designs, what a gracious lady I enjoyed visiting with her and hope to see her again at another show.
Dusty Daisies I love their name. I do not remember their names but Farm girl Katy knew the person on the left as she went to middle school with her in Tacoma or Olympia, what a small world. Huh?
One of the displays in the Dusty Daises Booth, great use of the ladder and the vintage containers.
This is just one of the many photos that I took at the Barn House Boys Booth I will post more later. It amazes me the thought and the time they put into their space is so incredible.
This was in Lisa booth A Thing For Roses, there were some beautiful bling on this dress form.
Queen of Tarte's booth showing her aprons and bags, they went fast.
Fresh Flowers anyone? I think we all thought about it but forgot in the end when we left. Yokes Fresh Market is like our Whole Foods in our Portland, Vancouver area. It is a great store to visit and get your speciality food.
This was the Garden Girl booth, I just loved her apron, she had some great plants and garden accents, I think she said she will be at the Clayson Farm Sale in August, Watch for more details to come.
Seven Sisters what can I say. They provided the chocolate fix until they sold out. They were having way too much fun. Could it have been the caffeine in the brownies?
I met LuLu what a special lady, thanks for visiting with me and I know that I owe you chocolates, since the brownies were all gone, after I had talked them up so much.
Robin checking out some table cloths that were in this huge pile, I actually found two that came home with me.
Flags are one of my favorite things to use to decorate with since I am almost a 4th of July baby. It must be in my blood or something.
Keys any one. Imagine where they all came from.
Katy and I found some cool aprons from recycled jeans.
Ahhhhhhhhhh! After walking and standing for almost 8 hours Robin, Erin and Katy take a short break before we head out to the next venue "The Party" I will post on that next.
Whoops I think Erin is ready to go party don't you?
I had the opportunity to Thank Teri and Serena for such an awesome show that they have put together.


  1. Loved revisiting the show! Wasn't it just so much fun!! (I am still exhausted, heehe!)

  2. Oh so sweet! You & your girlfriends sure had a nice trip together ;o)

  3. Hey Florence!! It was so nice spending a little time with you in Spokane. Love the pictures you captured. Even though we were's all a blur and we didn't have a lot of time to get out with the camera. Thanks for sharing!! :o)

  4. Hey My Travelin' Rosebud check out Funky Junk. You're on there. Had tons of fun yesterday. Lots of love, Erin

  5. It's always fun to combine girlfriends and shopping! It looks like you had a great time, I hope you came home with many treasures!


  6. Your pictures of the show are great!! It makes me want to do it all over again. I did get to sample the brownies ---- they were divine!!!


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