Monday, August 3, 2009

The Queen of Tarte and The Queen Annes Lace

The Queen of Tarte has done it again, with lots of Queen Annes Lace to set the stage made for a great showing of every ones wares to sale. Enjoy the journey.
The chandelier of wine bottles caught my eye right away, all I could think of is all the blue wine bottles I have saved for that special project or idea and I think that Betty has a great idea.
This simple bouquet was just stunning in it's simplicity and uniqueness. I understand that Cindy's mom made it.
The clean crisp look of this setting looks so peaceful, don't you think?
I wonder who this lady is, I sure do like her.
Robin checking out some of her photos she has taken. Thank you Robin for your help full hints, I am trying to work on those steps.
This is Sally Jean and myself. I met Sally many years ago at expo and had bought several charms from her over the years. Sally has been featured in several publications and has her own book out as well. I was very fortunate to have Sally's husband take our picture together. Thank you.
I have such a weakness for enamel ware and this pink pan was no exception.
Here is Diane with Molly Mos, she is a real special lady that I first met on The Sublimity Garden Tour, she will be having a sale at her home in August, check out her blog spot for more details.
Here we go with bikes again. I sure do like them, especially with the basket and all.
Robin and Joe having a conversation of some important information. I like how Joe is really listening to what ever Robin is saying.
This was one of my treasures that I brought home, it was one of the twins Donna and Diane's, I am an aromatherapist and know that the Bay laurel will indeed help with the flu, however I can not really make that claim, but is does work for me. I was very grateful to find that.
Joy always a smile and a great laugh that makes you smile and always has some great suggestions.
Those linen towels and the whole setting was beautiful. Check out the bouquet of queen annes lace flowers tied with some aqua netting. Beautiful.
Erin and Cindi during a quite moment.
What a deal to give a special friend.
Little roses sprinkled on top on some green German glitter adds to the magic of tarte.
The magic of the lights and the queen annes lace flowers were magical all on its own. I looked up the meaning of the flower queen annes lace and it means "fantasy" That sums it up.
As I finished up at the sale, I took advantage of the refreshments that Cindy had available for us to indulge in. Thank you. Virgin cocktails that is.


  1. Hey Florence! Thanks for sharing these great photos...I was there in spirit.


  2. Florence, you got some really nice photos! Thanks for sharing them! Are you going to Yakima this weekend? I still believe I am (at least dh hasn't popped my enthusiasm bubble YET and keep talking about it so he doesn't forget and decide something else has to be done. Karen


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