Monday, June 22, 2009

Funky Junk Sale

A last minute decision to drive north to Puyallup, Washington to The Funky Junk Sister's Sale was well worth the drive. I got to see several fellow bloggers and actually got lots of photos with them, I think I will have to start a blogger photo album with all my new friends.
Here are I am at The Funky Junk Sisters Booth, they are in the back ground I should have had them pose for me so I could of gotten a group shot. They did one awesome job putting this show together with some great vendors. Thank you very much.
This old ford pickup sure caught my eye, I just never know what year they are, Roger and I had a 1950 Red Ford Pick Up when we were first married, we bought from a buddy for $50.00, then when we needed the money he bought it back from us and this kept going on for a few years until he ended up with it. Darn I wish we had it now.
It was good to see Deb with Retreat Designs, her crowns are adorable and very creative. I hear she is going to be at Barn House in July for the Flea market.
The Country Store had a really cool and fun booth, I had first met them up at Farm Chicks so it was neat to see them again.
Myself with Kris of the Country Store.
This was from the Rickety Picket booth, I loved all this Americana and primitive things.

Patricia with tippy stockton and Erin. She had some very beautiful jewelry and very colorful items for sale.
Tippy Stockton's booth had incredible color, it was like a breath of fresh sunshine.
Tiffany of Shabby Scraps with her daughter. It was so cool to meet Tiffany as I have been following her blog for awhile now.
Tiffany and I .
One of Tiffany's displays.
This is Deb from Garden Party it was the first time that I had met her, what a beautiful lady with so much talent.
Lulu and I, I did not notice Lulu was barefoot, you go girl. I found a necklace with the letter "F" on it for me.
We saw a lot of Americana at this show, which has always been a favorite of mine.
Erin and I with our treasures that we found. Thanks Kris from The Country Store for taking this photo of us.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Daddy's Love

Daddy and Julie just home from the hospital. Roger has always been a great dad, no one could ever say that he wasn't. I am so ever grateful. Thank you for being the father of my children. These photos are not the best because they are from the old days when we did not have digital so they are photos that I took of a photo so the quality is not quite there but the message is.
Daddy and Julie with some snuggle time, he just can't get enough of his baby girls.
Daddy and Jennifer daughter number 2. Here they are down on the floor having some snuggle time.
Daddy and Heather daughter number 3. Look at all that hair she has.
These are my siblings, Glenda, Elizabeth, me, Tina and Mick, we are all so very grateful for our father. I truly believe with mom and dad's guidance I am who I have become because of them both and I love you both mom and dad.
My dad he is always there for me and when it was one of the most important days of my life he walked me down the isle when I was going to get married to Roger. Thank you Dad I love you. You will always be in my heart. Florence

Friday, June 19, 2009

Enjoy The Journey

Enjoy The Journey says it all. I plan to save the date for next years Farm Chicks Sale and will wait with great anticipation for it to come.
Boots and more boots were all over this show, I took so many different pictures of boots that it can become a post all on its own.
Lisa from A Thing For Roses and myself, check out our boots and our slips are showing which seemed to be the norm for that show. I also liked Lisa and Isabella's T-shirts that I forgot to get.
The Country Store ladies I met were so friendly and nice you will see them in my next post on The Funky Junk Sisters Sale.
The Country Store booth was one of my many favorites.
This is a great screen door kind of unusual, I have one on my cottage studio and had my husband make it so it clacked when it shut. I just love the sound it reminds of the times to slow down.
This was the Seabold Vintage Market Booth, I was really drawn to their space, I liked their clean crisp look.
Here is Joy with Lilly Sue whom I had just met, she too is a blogger. I have really enjoyed getting to meet fellow bloggers in person.
Antie Joy's booth, check out that chair I seem to have a thing for those metal chairs. Sometimes the more rustic the better.
Isabella and myself she is such a gifted talented person and I am glad to know her.
The photo above and the next few photos are from The Barn House boys booth, they do know how to find those treasures.

Look close and you can see Joe hard at work.

This photo and the next one are some of the treasures that I brought home. I think I ended up buying four aprons to add to my collection.

Its 7:00pm the 7th of June 2009 and this Farm Chick aka Farm Girl is home from a great adventure with her friends. Thank you dear friends and all those that made Farm Chicks so special.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Barn People Party at Chaps

The invitation came and I e-mailed my farm girl traveling friends to see if they all wanted to go and I got immediate response well YES. We were all so excited. Thank you goes out to The Barn House Boys, Queen of Tarte and Celeste at Chaps. You provided for us all a wonderful evening and party with memories to share for years to come. This was a perfect ending to the first day at The Farm Chick Sale. I have one more post to do on The Farm Chick sale so stay tuned for the rest of the Story.
The setting was perfect some what magical and festive.
This is what greeted us as we entered the party.
Check out those springs are they just great holders for snow cone cups filled with peanuts?
Check out all those Chaps, the decor was such eye candy for those who like to take photos.
The music was great.
Cindy of Queen of Tarte and her friend that I have totally lost her name, I am sorry, please forgive me. Check out Cindy's bracelet, it is a crown.
Lots of conversations were made around the tables.
The party was delightful complete with music and good food and conversation.
Some great conversations were had by all and I am sure some net working was probably going on too.
These three ladies are having a great time, I met them and I do not remember their names so I apologize, but they were all so sweet and full of smiles.
Some scenes from the party look close and you can see the table covers are burlap. Barn House look.
Isabella and Joy enjoying some relaxing time.
Lisa with Found Object Gems and Needful Things and Celeste with Chaps one of our hostess for this event who owns the restaurant thank you so much for the great food and entertainment.
Jermone and Isabella sharing some conversation, those lemon heads were yummy, too bad I was the designated driver so I only had one.
The sodas, the beers were all nice and cold waiting for those who wanted to indulge. I think that cast iron tub is from Europe, it was way too cool.
Great way to display all those marshmallows and the boots adding to the theme with the chocolate waiting near by.
The chocolate was awesome and not just your ordinary chocolate hershey bars and look how they displayed the graham crackers.
Jermone and Erin sharing some thank you time.
I loved this picture of John Wayne, he is probably one of my most favorites when it comes to Western movies.
Isabella and Lisa enjoying some down time before another day at The Farm Chicks.
Robin, Katy and myself enjoying some great food. Thanks to Barn House Boys, Queen of Tarte and Chaps. The Farm Girls from Mary Janes Chapter say a big THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!