Saturday, December 31, 2011

Creating Christmas at The Muma's

Creating Christmas at The Muma's was slow to start. I don't know what was going on for me. My grandson's were coming for an overnight, so this grandma had to get with it. The tree went up and lights were added. I am the decorator at our house, so I cherish each ornament and all the memories they conquer up. Do you have special ornaments with a memory? I know I do.
The snow man globe in the back ground is from a walking event of which I got second place.
Remember this is why we celebrate Christmas!

A new grouping this year. The light actually won't be hanging this low, I am waiting for Roger to hang it up higher, but I liked the glow, so I chose to capture the moment. The bark basket was made by my friend Erin, the carved Eagle was bought in a park along the Kootenai River in Idaho, on one of our journeys to Montana.
A menagerie of snowman. A visit in November to Anthropologie, I saw these snow globes, being a creative person, I thought I can do that. The rest is history. I don't seem to make just one of anything. The production started, first for ourselves, then for gifts and then to sale at my shop, I can tell you there were a lot of recipients of these whimsical creations.
A little closer view. Below you will see some of the other snow globes I made. You will be able to tell I had so much fun.

Now how can you not smile at this snowman face?
I have a great variety of aprons, so I change them up with each season, I do gravitate to favorites. I wonder do you have a favorite apron? Perhaps a special memory?


  1. Oh so beautiful. I wish you blessings for 2012
    I still love your photos so much.
    You are quite a decorator.

  2. Your snow globes are precious. Your home looks warm and inviting. Hope to see you soon in the new year,


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