Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kindred Roses and More

Last Saturday a drive to Camas, Washington for the Kindred Roses Vintage Sale was well worth the drive. Christa and her friend Julie host this show and do a great job selecting their vendors, bring in a great assortment of treasures for all to find. Check out their blog spot for future shows.
Here is Christa and my friend Erin, they look happy.

When we arrived this is what we first saw, I knew there were going to be some great things to be found here.
We went around to the back yard to find more vendors, I think there were at least five more back here.
This was Jennifer's space, she had a red metal vintage chair that came home with me.
The next few photos are of Erin's booth of Rickety Picket, I met her at the Funky Junk Sister Sale, she has some great Americana, as you will see below.

I think we all wanted water this last week, don't you?
Here is Debbie and Laurie of Worthy Goods, they are so much fun to see at these shows and bring such talent and great treasures, they are having a vintage show in downtown Camas, Washington in September, check out their site for more information.

This drawing table was so cool, I wish I had a place for it, I do not draw, but I could find some great purpose for it.
I loved this Fresh Brown Eggs sign, I have a post brewing on road side signs regarding egg sales.
Here is my friend Jan and I with some of our treasures we had found, such great deals were to be found at this sale.
Here is Joe with Barn House and my friend Jan. Joe was telling us about the great food, so naturally we had to get some for the road. Joe also shared a couple chairs he was going to buy with Jan, letting her buy them instead. Thanks Joe.
Joe had told us that these fresh baked goods by Kimberly were very good and he was right. This royal velvet cupcake was delicious and the lemonade was made with lavender, mint and rosemary, it was the perfect refreshing drink for that morning.
Here's Joe and I. When Jan and I left the Kindred Roses sale, it was a given that we would end up running into Joe at another sale, it seems we are all on the same hunting trip.
A stop along the way to check out the farmers market in Battle Ground, soon they should start having more produce.
This is Gary Klein you can see him at the Battle Ground Farmer's Market every Saturday, he builds out door planters and birdhouses. We have known Gary and his wife Carla for 38 years now, they were one of our first best friends as a married couple. Roger and Gary worked up at International Paper Mill in Chelatchie Prairie north of Amboy Washington. After the farmers market I went over to Auntie Tam's Fabric store, which totally deserves their own post. Then on to the Pomeroy House Quilt Show and Apron exhibit, which I will post about too.


  1. Great blog post Florence. Thanks for visiting me at the Kindred Roses sale, it was so nice to meet you.


  2. Good grief, girl, how many places can you go to in one day :o)
    The picture of you & Joe is so sweet,- I love it!
    Enjoy the cooler weather!

  3. Sylvi is right you do a good job getting to great places. Can't wait to see your new chair in the garden. Did everything survive the heat??? Hope so, let me know if you need any zucchini. They are growing huge from the heat.
    Lots of Love, Erin

  4. That was a fun day wasn't it? I can't believe that I got Joe to sell me those cool chairs he has set aside for himself. They are a wonderful addition in MY garden now. Thanks Joe XOXO

    There were a great selection of vendors with lots of treasures.

  5. I wanted to go to that, had it on my calendar, and then realized I was doing our little hometown Bluegrass Festival, selling my Finnish bread! Well, I did sell out, that was good! BTW, I am going to be able to go to Yakima this weekend, YES!!! I'll watch for you there! Karen

  6. This looks like it was so much fun! Loved seeing your pictures from the day :)

  7. Dear Florence, How did you make it with the loss of two best buddies[kitties]?
    My you are one busy lady!

  8. Hi Florence , So Nice meeting you at Clayson Farms this past Saturday. We'll be setting up at Coburg in September , will you be heading there? Take care , Sue

  9. Hi Florence,
    We had such a great time in Yakima, spent an extra day having a little mini vacation on the way home. I was sorry to have missed this show, seems like it always falls when I have prior commitments.
    Hope to see you soon.

  10. I'm so sorry I missed the show, we were on vacation. Enjoyed your pics - hope to see you at my show on the 22nd!



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