Thursday, August 27, 2009

Queen of Tarte and Willow Nest

The sign says it all. Saturday was a very busy traveling day for me, I went to Queen of Tarte, then I was off to Molly Mo's sale down in Sublimity, from there I traveled the country roads to Troutdale for a lovely dinner with some great friends, thanks Ed and Carol, complete with a great view of our Mount Hood.
The Queen of Tarte and her special quests Willow Nest along with Annie, Fannie and Abigail, and Erin were there ready for us all to enjoy. There may have been other vendors there but I was not sure. Watch for the Queens next sale in September, check out her site to learn more.
The outside settings again were incredible, the pink dahlias made everything POP, wow says it all. That Erin can sure come through with those beautiful dahlias, thank you for the eye candy. The umbrellas above the head boards are made by Ludmil, I will have to save my money to buy one, you can even use it out in the garden to train your peas to grow up.

This bed was complete with hops hanging over the bed frame for a nice slumber for sleeping. Hops are known medicinally to aid in sleeping. I have put them in sleep pillows and it does work.
Linda and my new friend Connie, she is so fun to see at these sales, always a smile for you.
Here is one of Erin's hair garlands, she had these and some wonderful crowns she made, the hair garlands reminded me of our Lavender Festival Days.

Annie, Fannie and Abigail always presents us with new found objects each show, below are some of the treasures they had for us all. Thank you.

There were some great clearance items outside not to be missed.
Look close at those white doll skates on the blue shelf, pink was definitely in the air.
Here is Isabela, my friend Gayle Tweed from many years ago through the antiquing days, and Lisa. Check out Lisa's white gown it was perfect for her outfit. I often think how nice it is that we all can wear fun clothes to these sales and feel right at home. This day I saw some old friends that I had not seen in years, what a gift.
Check out the bloomers that Isabel had on, so cute.
These wooden stars were made by Erin, they had a magic about them.
That wire gate with the buckets went home with me to use in my studio when it is up and working, thanks Cindy.
This cotton dress, along with the one below you can tell they were lovingly picked, washed and pressed to make us dream of the days when we were younger. They were beautiful.

Oh how I love the blue, I bought that spool of darker blue ribbon, I will have fun using it I am sure.
There was plenty to feast your eyes on at the yummy table, including Huckleberry Pie, Basil Zucchini Muffins and scones complete with specialty jams and jellies that Erin brought.
Lots of fresh fruit, what a great color combination.
Natalie's yummy cake, I was sure to get some this time.
Some more of Erin's beautiful dahlias. I will post on Molly Mos next, so stay tuned.


  1. I love Isabel's bloomers!! I have the exact same skirt she has on. I think I need some bloomers now! I wonder where she got them?

  2. It was great to see you there! Your pictures turned out wonderfully :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the awesome pics from Tarte! Since I was at Molly Mo's I had to miss it, and I do adore Cindy and seeing her pretty things. I haven't seen the Marcovs since they had Willow Nest in Banks. Ohhh! Yes, Isabel's bloomers are DARLING! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love yours!


  4. Hey, you really get around! I'm just jealous you know? I have a question, I tried to leave a comment on your friends blog (uncovered Ruby), but you can't leave a comment. Then I tried to email and that wouldn't work. I took the capital letter off the front of the email address, and probably sent my email to someone who thinks "what kinda nut is emailing me" lol. Anyway, I am really hoping to get there at their sale, and I am really hoping you're there at the exact same time lol. And since you seem to be EVERYWHERE, we may finally meet! Karen

  5. Looks like another fun sale. Neat treasures.

  6. Oh Florence you make everything look so great. Thank You for the nice comments and today was wonderful. It is a challenge typing with Juneau on my lap asleep. Lots of Love my friend, Erin Glad you posted the WOW sign and you caught the Howdy sign, Yeah.

  7. Florence, These pictures brought back the wonderful day we shared going to TARTE.
    Thanks for the great memories

  8. Just found your blog, Oh my, you go to all the shows I dream of. Love your pictures, I have a wedding on the 12th but maybe the next show....thats life huh!

  9. Hope you have a wonderful time with your daughter Florence! Gosh, we DO have a lot in common! Hopefully, I'll see you on Saturday! Karen

  10. Hello again~ chalk my forgetfulness up to menopause, but there was something I spotted on your post that I wanted to chat about...of course I couldn't remember until I read through again. It was the *Huckleberries*! A PNW treat indeed. We have tried growing the berries for several years. We have three small bushes that finally yield enough to pick. I made a creme cheese pie topped with a Huckleberry compote.
    It was delicious! I've never seen a Huckleberry pie at any Summers market...My hubby and I would have enjoyed a slice or two, Hmmm, with the possibility of a whole pie to take home too. ;)

    Sweet wishes,


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