Saturday, August 29, 2009

Molly Mos Antique Faire

The sunflowers were all in their glory in Diane's garden, oh how I wished had gotten them to grow this year, the slugs decided they need them more than me, I guess.
The setting is perfect for Molly Mos Antique Faire as you can see there were lots of vendors there to show their goods, I arrived at noon and there was still a good amount to choose from. The weather was perfect not too hot, Diane had a wonderful vendor that served food and cold drinks, perfect for my ride to my next destination. This was my first time to this sale I would certainly go again.
The vintage aprons were hung on the line waiting for that special person to choose their favorites.
This was inside of Molly Mos shop she had some great finds here.
This was inside of Diane's little playhouse/tea house, um I am wondering if I could get PaPa Roger to build one of these for my grandchildren, oh how I wonder.
I loved this dress it was made out of pink dotted swiss fabric, something that would have been from my high school days, 40 years ago.
How inviting is this setting on a hot summer day or summer evening?
This was from Auntie Joys space, oh how I love her mannequins, she always has such great ways to dress them. She will be at Monticello Antique Fall Premier Show with special added vendors, check out their site for more information.
This is Vintage Trifles spot, I got to meet Martha, the photo does not even give the justice that this space had to offer, I think she might be at Monticello and I am thinking she has been featured in some publications for her artistic talent.
This photo and the one below is from Kindred Roses, Julie is always a delight to see, this iron hospital bed I was told sold, it was longer than our normal twin, someone is really going to enjoy it.

This is Carol, what a sweet lady, she had some beautiful aprons, very well made, some pear pincushions of which I did indulge my self in, as well as some great pins to wear complete with vintage accents. I am so glad I got to meet her.
This photo and the one below was from a booth that had lots of great color in her displays, I apologize that I did not get her name.

This lady, whom I forgot her name had some great vintage clothing as you will see below.

What a day this was to see so many great treasures and see so many friends that I had not seen in years. I also got to see an old class mate of mine from Wy'East High School, she was in my wedding and I was in hers, we always seem to bump into each other at antique shows, it was a special treat to see Sue today.


  1. OK, thats it. Next summer I am going with you to these shows! (I wont have a nursing baby!) I love everything I see. I LOVE the little play/tea house. It makes me want to sit in there all afternoon and play dolls :) I would have loved to have looked through all those vintage clothes - look at all that tulle!

  2. Hi Florence,
    I'm so glad you made it to Molly Mo's. It was indeed a fun day!

  3. It WAS awesome! Sorry I didn't see you there.


  4. Looks like a great sale! Loved those bloomers.

  5. Well, hello - I just had to stop and leave you a note because you have such a fabulous blog. Your posts are interesting & you have wonderful pictures too. It's all perfect ! Thank you so much for sharing and best wishes ...

  6. Thanks for posting these wonderful pics, I was so happy you could make it!


  7. all that sparkly clothing is right up my alley! i would like to dress like this everyday if i didn't care what the rest of the world would think :) i need some bloomers like isabel at least ;)

  8. Wish I could have been with you. The booth's look incredible. So grateful for your photography and sharing. That pear pincushion was really cute. Next year we will both have 100 sunflowers and maybe make bloomers.
    Lots of Love,

  9. Well, if all goes will well, I'll get to meet you next weekend, finally! I get to do my baked stuff at the Vintage Gathering flea, yippee! It'll be just crazy for me, I bake as late as possible so the bread's fresh, so I'm going to have to get up very early to get up there and set up! Can't wait, and can't wait to finally meet you! Karen

  10. yippee!~ I am taking a little break from the hot weather and the office, and found your blog. sigh. Just what I love, antiques! Thanks so much for sharing...made my day.
    xo Lidy

  11. Finally, I believe we are going to meet! I am going to be baking for the Vintage Gathering sale next weekend, can't wait, and can't wait to me you after all the posts back and forth! Karen

  12. What a wonderful antique faire. It looks like you had the time of your life.


  13. oh, so much gorgeous tulle!!
    xoxo, Tiffany


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