Friday, August 14, 2009

This is The Story

One Boy (Roger) he is ready to take on the world, don't you think? Roger and I went to first grade together in Parkdale, Oregon, but did not know it until we were seniors in high school. We knew each other through out our high school years, but did not start to date until we were seniors, when I asked him to a sweethearts ball at the high school, at that dance we talked about where we went to school and figured out that we had gone to first grade together. He went home and told his mom and she dug out his first grade school picture and there we were. I think destiny was to play in that early on acquaintance. Now 38 years later we are embarking on a new chapter in our life, enjoying our children and grandchildren and going on our own adventures.
One Girl,( me) she looks a little shy, don't you think?
Here we are in first grade at the Mount Hood School, I am the blond in the front row, and Roger is behind me and the third person to the right, next to the girl. Who would of ever known we would come together after twelve years.
Here we are in 1969, we graduated from Wy'east High School in Hood River, Oregon, then both went off to college for two years before getting married. Look at all that hair Roger has. Wow.
Our wedding day August 14, 1971 in Hood River, Oregon. The rest is history. Happy Anniversary Roger!


  1. Happy Anniversary! You guys were so cute! especially you mom! Im sure glad you two found eachother! love you.

  2. Happy Anniversary! We are so blessed to have parents that are still married!! So cool. I just realized that my kids could have gotten their blond hair from you mom! Sweet.

  3. Your posts always amaze me at how much we have in common! Just tonite, my husband and boys were eating in a Mexican restaurant, talking, and the boys asked how far away their dad and I lived from each other growing up. It's weird, that you grow up just a few hours away from someone, then somehow the Lord works it that you meet. He grew up going to a one room schoolhouse in Cloverdale for the first 15 years, I've lived here all my life, but he finally got smart and moved to Clatskanie lol. We must have the same kinds of conversations! Karen

  4. Oh yeah, I forgot to wish you a Happy Anniversary!

  5. Have a wonderful Anniversary week-end. So refreshing to see couples happy with long histories together.

  6. We were married in 1970 and I think you and I had the same dress. LOL. Happy Anniversary.

  7. Hope your Anniversary was wonderful!
    Your pictures are amazing.

  8. What a beautiful bride! I could've picked you out in any picture, because of your blue-blue eyes ;o)
    Happy anniversary!
    - Sylvi

  9. You get to go everywhere, don't you? This time of year just seems to get crazy doesn't it? I just got 27 pints of tuna canned, yes! One more thing done off my list! We are definitely going to have meet some time lol. Karen


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