Thursday, December 8, 2011

2nd Saturdaz and Beyond

The timing was perfect, Roger needed to go to Seattle on business, I had the day off, so I came up with the idea that I would go along with Roger and perhaps we could stay overnight, thus enabling me to go to 2nd Saturdayz, knowing that Willow Nest was going to be a quest vendor was the topping on the cake.
This is the setting for 2nd Saturdayz monthly sale. It would not disappoint. Enjoy the journey with me.
I have always liked this way to wrap my gifts, my girls could tell you, that I always say the best gift, is the gift from the heart. Those made my loving hands are the BEST! Don't you agree?
I wish I would have purchased one of these grain sacks, how many times have you done that to yourself. Darn!
Vintage ball ornaments nestled in a bed of greens in a vintage wagon.
This is from Deb's space Garden Party, I received a special gift from Deb, I think for the first guests to come to the sale. Thank you Deb.
Whimsical Whites had everything vintage, clean and crisp. This photo says Christmas all over the place, don't you think? Here are a few photos from their space.

Although this photo is a little muted, I still wanted to post it, not very often do you see a Santa in a pink suit.
A special treat for me was to get to see Linda and Ludmil from Willow Nest, they came to the Pacific NW to visit, formerly from our area. Linda brings a feeling of ahhhh to her presence, always creating such magic. I remember when I first discovered them at their store in Buxton, Oregon. The rest is history! Here are some photo shots from their space. They brought some French Country with them. Wouldn't you agree?

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These cotton gowns, oh so pretty and romantic.
Cinnabarblue had some great handmade treasures here.
These reindeer so remind me of some childhood memories at my grandmas when I was child. Do you have some special memories from Christmas pasts? This puts a smile on my face. Ormolulu had some great treasures here.
Lots of tin ware!!!! I just can't resist. I got a really cool Santa chocolate mold from Ormolulu.
A special treat was to run into this special lady, Kimberly Taylor. Check out her blog, she has a wonderful little farm, keeping all those home making skills alive. Thank you for sharing your ideas and talents!
This photo says Lodge look. Don't you think?
This just says Ole world here. St. Lucia, I think!
Behind these books was a linen apron, I did covet it, but it was a little over my budget. Darn!
Linda, one of the vendors in this event. Below are some photos from her space.
Folk. Have you seen this magazine yet? The photos are really awesome. Check out their web site.
This was a really cool scale.
I love these hand knitted sweaters, I have one that was made by a college roommate, that I bring out every winter. Warm!!!!!
Check out these pretty trees and glittered village houses!

Our journey home took us through Sumner, I was giddy with excitement to get to go to Today Country Store, it was all decked out for Christmas, they currently have a space at Monticello Antique Mall in Portland, Oregon.
Don't you just love these glittered houses? I sure do!
Roger checking out some of the goods at Todays Country Store.

The town of Sumner had a reenactment of Norman Rockwell scenes in many of the stores, this one was at Todays Country Store, it was my favorite.
I came home with some great treasures, a really cool wooden bowl from John Bob cool junk, some tin measuring cups and a special gift of a glittered honeycomb from Linda of Willow Nest.
In the mean time I am on a mission to find a sweater to recycle for these, how fun is that?


  1. It was such a treat running into you as well! What a great post - you really captured the true greatness that is Second Saturdayz. I do hope we see each other again soon!

  2. thanks for coming florance. In a all out effort to promote myself I did want to mention that 2nd Saturdayz is my show and I do get to be a vendor there.......I had to put on my own show cuz no one else will let me in! Lovely to see you, hope you can stop by again. L

  3. fabulous post! love second saturdayz! xoox

  4. Oh, I'm so envious!!! What fun you had and look at all the visiting you enjoyed. I know what you mean about wishing you had picked something up at a show after you get home. I'm famous for that. Love those sweater leggings!!! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Hugs!!

  5. Hi Florence--just now saw this post . . . how beautiful! You certainly did a great job capturing the essence of 2nd Saturdayz. Glad you found something wonderful from Ormolulu . . . that little chocolate mold was hard to give up, as I collect them. It's always a real joy to see you!!

    xoxo Debi

  6. How lovely to spend a moment with you this past month, at Luluz show, it was great fun, very rewarding for us. She has a nice group of talented vendors, who do a good job of finding unique things,that's what it's all about, right! Take care and thank-you again for making the special effort to come see us. Love Linda


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