Monday, December 19, 2011

Baker Boys Slumber Over

The older Baker Boys came on Friday night to slumber over. Papa and the boys would have a sleep over in the Hunt trailer. Roger had a special movie and pirate booty popcorn for them. He made the Hunt trailer nice and cozy. I fully was expecting them to end up in the house before the night was over. Ashton made a comment earlier," it is scary out here, the wolves are howling" (actually the neighbor's dog) and wow that is a huge tree, as he shined the flashlight at a very Tall fir tree. We live in the country, so at night it can be very dark in our neck of the woods. Well they made it through the night, coming into the house hungry for breakfast. After breakfast I had a craft project planned. Then out the door they went to hike the trails and of course to swing on the swing. My most favorite swing of all. There have been so many memories made on this swing. Check out the expression on Jordan's face. It says it all. Don't you think? Thank you Papa Roger for building this swing for us.

Papa Roger, Kevin and Ashton. I learned that Ashton is really into making the swing rock and roll, the more rocking the better.
A Charlie Brown movie was in order before breakfast. This proved to be a great choice.
Chocolate chip pancakes were in order for this morning.
After breakfast I had a craft project for the boys, thinking of what to do, that would be different. I told the boys we were going to make a present for the birds. Using peanut butter as the glue, we stuffed the pine cones with the peanut butter and then pressed the seeds into the crevices. I told the boys they could take them home and perhaps mommy and daddy could hang them in the trees for the birds. You will see what lucky critter got the first bite later in this post. HeeHee!
Jordan rolling is pine cone into the birdseed.
Pressing the seed into the pine cones, what fun!
Kevin, Jordan and Ashton there was something about feeling that birdseed, and of course Jordan who is 3 had to taste the seed. Yikes!
I hung mine just right outside my patio door so we could enjoy watching the feast.
The feast of the pine cone bird feeder by this squirrel got his way at the Baker Boy's home. When the boys got home with their pine cone bird feeders, they had to hang them right away. Well I think this squirrel smelled them a mile away. Well momma Baker took pity on this little guy and laid it on the ledge of their front porch. What are you doing for the birds this winter?


  1. How fun! Im so glad you had the boys over and they were able to spend time with you both and make some fun memories together! Thank you so much!

  2. Looks like the boys (and their grandparents) had a great time! How fun to sleep in the hunt trailer and wake up to a fantastic breakfast too!


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