Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve at The Bakers 2011

Christmas Eve at the Baker's. Every year we do a rotation with our girl's in-laws, this year was Christmas Eve with The Muma's. Jeremy and Jennifer offered to host this eve at their house. I love the garland on the fence, don't you? The house was beautifully decorated. The spirit of Christmas was in the air, you can only imagine what six anxious grandchildren were feeling with anticipation.
The Baker Christmas tree, Jennifer is a Interior Designer, her tree definitely show cases that talent.
Myself with Baby Brayden Baker, the newest boy to the Baker family.
One of the things I try to instill with my girls, is the gift of the handmade means so much, it does not take much to make something, even a special hand written letter, is a treasure to behold. Julie holding one of the snow globes I made this year. Her husband Raymond by her side.
Jeremy showing the Chipolte, Rosemary Roasted Nuts that I made for all the adult men in our family. A gift card completed this gift, a perfect solution to giving a gift they all like.
I am thinking that my granddaughter Jessica is liking the scarf that I made her. Jeremy with baby Brayden looking on.
The grandchildren all exchange names with each other, so through technology, Titus and Talea could watch their cousins open their presents from them. We are all hoping to be together next year for Christmas.
Although Heather and Jason was not here with us, through the technology of skpye we got to have her with us through computer world.
Jennifer modeling the pink cuddle scarf I made her. I am thinking my grandson Ashton was liking it. Ahhh!
The best gift of all, is the gift of hand made. Chants gave papa Roger and I these envelopes, carefully thinking the decorating on the outside of the envelopes. He stated to me I had the cookies on mine, because I like to cook. Oh so sweet.
A key chain bobble from my grandson Chants, I will hang this from my rear view mirror, thinking of Chants every time I look at it with a smile. Thank you Chants!
A gourmet food gift box from Heather and Jason, how fun will that be to cook up those turquoise noodles?
Julie showing off her gift card, always a safe bet. I made her the scarf, I am thinking she is going to get some good use out of it, when winter finally comes.
My grandson Chants here showing off his new rock tumbler. He always brings me rocks, so he can really shine them up for me now.
We gathered around the table for a nice Christmas eve dinner. Thanks Jeremy for cooking the turkey and ham dinner. I hope your Christmas eve was a memorable one.


  1. It looks like you had a nice Christmas Florence! Happy New Year!

  2. Great pictures Mom! We were very happy to host this year :)


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