Friday, December 2, 2011

Family Gathers Around The Table

The table was set, ready for my family to arrive, we would be minus my youngest daughter Heather and her family. Even though she is far away, she and her family were with us in spirit. We could only wish that they could live closer, but as most families go through this separation from some of their family members missing from special occasions, we do make up for it when we are all together. In our family it is called MUMA time. We did skype with her that evening. Thanks for the technology to do just that.
I had decided rather than go around the table saying what we are thankful for, I would have everyone write their thoughts on a paper leaf, originally thinking it would be part of the table decorations, I changed my mind, deciding to pass the leafs out at the end of meal, mixing them up, having each one read aloud the one they were given, proved to work perfect, as each person anxiously waited for theirs to be read.
Roger writing his Thankful note. This is a random list of what each person wrote:
Everything, life, family
Thankful for my family, siblings, work, support and friendship from family members
My family
My boys, my wife, my business
I am thankful for my mom and dad and God (Ashton's)
I am thankful for my four boys and very helpful husband
All family together (Bishops in spirit and in our hearts) makes me so thankful and happy
I am thankful for my mom
I am thankful for my family, my job, and my friends and Betty
I am thankful for mom
I am thankful for my family, my siblings, my health, my home and my Love!
Julie and Brayden having some snuggle time before dinner.
Kevin and Ashton playing a game before dinner.
The turkey was perfectly prepared by Roger, he has gotten it in down well.
Our table was perfect size for all of us, six adults and six children. I love to look at these photos from year to year to see who was here that year for the Thanksgiving dinner. Do you do that too?

With little ones at the table, there is always the finger stuffing olives, and of course Papa Roger had to help Jordan out!
After dinner I got to have some snuggle time with this newest addition to our family, Brayden, he has got to be the happiest baby in the world.
My home made apple pie for desert, made from my home canned apple pie filling. Yummy!
Cookies for the kids, and coffee made the old fashion way for the adults. I am kind of smitten with making coffee this way. How about you? Have you tried this method?
A perfect way to end the day with friends Mark and Erin stopping by to visit, sharing a glass of wine and a piece of pie. Hoping your Thanksgiving day was filled with lots of joy!


  1. Those that rock the cradle: rock the world! The world, especially the USA need more "Mom's" like you Florence. Bless you and your values. I am thankful for Crystal and Heather's friendship.

  2. I can see the love in all your pictures of Thanksgiving gathering. It is so nice when family come together. I think I would want some snuggle time with Brayden, what a cutie. Yum coffee the old fashion way! Hugs to you and stay warm & snuggle in!

  3. What a great Thanksgiving for your family. That is the way it is supposed to be. Thank you for sharing with us.


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