Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas In The Gorge 2011

Christmas Day in The Gorge. Roger and I journeyed up the Columbia River Gorge Christmas Day. We almost got a white Christmas, as we came through Cascade Locks, there were wet snow flakes coming down with a skiff of snow on the sides of the road. I could tell you about many trips to Hood River on Christmas that were quiet treacherous, but we always made it. It was all about being home for Christmas. Do you have any wonderful stories about your journey home during the winter holidays? We brought Christmas dinner for mom and dad. I also brought two Christmas aprons for mom and I to wear. In days past I remember mom wearing aprons, so I wanted to get a picture of her in an apron. I think she was kind of smitten with this one. I turned around to see her hands in the pockets, kinda of fluffing her apron, it is a precious memory I will always have.
Going through the Columbia River Gorge, kind of ethereal. Don't you think?
Mom and I in our Christmas aprons.
Dad, me and mom. Our dinner was perfect. Roger smoked a small turkey perfect for our travel. Mom did the potatoes and brussel sprouts to her perfection, I made the dressing to her instruction, along with the giblet gravy. I asked mom what would she like apple pie or apple crisp, she requested crisp. All the apple pie filling I canned earlier this fall, has made the perfect ingredient to work with. The apple pie filling has been a hit with everyone that has received a jar. It can't get any easier than plop it in the dish and bake. I love the stories I have been getting as to how each person used their lovingly made gift.


  1. Oh what special memories you created that day. Your Christmas dinner with your folks sounds yummy!! The gorge is always beautiful no matter what time of the year, but oh can it be treacherous in the winter. I'm glad you had a safe trip! Hugs to the new year!!

  2. Such a lovely Christmas with your parents. I'm glad the weather was on your side this trip!

  3. Florence what a great post!! It is so good see Moma Allen in her apron! I noticed her hands in her pockets also!! I have my jar of pie filling!! Trying to decide just what I want to make with it!!! Maybe cake cobbler!!! I know it will be good. Thank you so much for sharing part of your day with me and my family. We really enjoyed it!! Happy New Year!!!


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