Saturday, December 31, 2011

Creating Christmas at The Muma's

Creating Christmas at The Muma's was slow to start. I don't know what was going on for me. My grandson's were coming for an overnight, so this grandma had to get with it. The tree went up and lights were added. I am the decorator at our house, so I cherish each ornament and all the memories they conquer up. Do you have special ornaments with a memory? I know I do.
The snow man globe in the back ground is from a walking event of which I got second place.
Remember this is why we celebrate Christmas!

A new grouping this year. The light actually won't be hanging this low, I am waiting for Roger to hang it up higher, but I liked the glow, so I chose to capture the moment. The bark basket was made by my friend Erin, the carved Eagle was bought in a park along the Kootenai River in Idaho, on one of our journeys to Montana.
A menagerie of snowman. A visit in November to Anthropologie, I saw these snow globes, being a creative person, I thought I can do that. The rest is history. I don't seem to make just one of anything. The production started, first for ourselves, then for gifts and then to sale at my shop, I can tell you there were a lot of recipients of these whimsical creations.
A little closer view. Below you will see some of the other snow globes I made. You will be able to tell I had so much fun.

Now how can you not smile at this snowman face?
I have a great variety of aprons, so I change them up with each season, I do gravitate to favorites. I wonder do you have a favorite apron? Perhaps a special memory?

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas In The Gorge 2011

Christmas Day in The Gorge. Roger and I journeyed up the Columbia River Gorge Christmas Day. We almost got a white Christmas, as we came through Cascade Locks, there were wet snow flakes coming down with a skiff of snow on the sides of the road. I could tell you about many trips to Hood River on Christmas that were quiet treacherous, but we always made it. It was all about being home for Christmas. Do you have any wonderful stories about your journey home during the winter holidays? We brought Christmas dinner for mom and dad. I also brought two Christmas aprons for mom and I to wear. In days past I remember mom wearing aprons, so I wanted to get a picture of her in an apron. I think she was kind of smitten with this one. I turned around to see her hands in the pockets, kinda of fluffing her apron, it is a precious memory I will always have.
Going through the Columbia River Gorge, kind of ethereal. Don't you think?
Mom and I in our Christmas aprons.
Dad, me and mom. Our dinner was perfect. Roger smoked a small turkey perfect for our travel. Mom did the potatoes and brussel sprouts to her perfection, I made the dressing to her instruction, along with the giblet gravy. I asked mom what would she like apple pie or apple crisp, she requested crisp. All the apple pie filling I canned earlier this fall, has made the perfect ingredient to work with. The apple pie filling has been a hit with everyone that has received a jar. It can't get any easier than plop it in the dish and bake. I love the stories I have been getting as to how each person used their lovingly made gift.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve at The Bakers 2011

Christmas Eve at the Baker's. Every year we do a rotation with our girl's in-laws, this year was Christmas Eve with The Muma's. Jeremy and Jennifer offered to host this eve at their house. I love the garland on the fence, don't you? The house was beautifully decorated. The spirit of Christmas was in the air, you can only imagine what six anxious grandchildren were feeling with anticipation.
The Baker Christmas tree, Jennifer is a Interior Designer, her tree definitely show cases that talent.
Myself with Baby Brayden Baker, the newest boy to the Baker family.
One of the things I try to instill with my girls, is the gift of the handmade means so much, it does not take much to make something, even a special hand written letter, is a treasure to behold. Julie holding one of the snow globes I made this year. Her husband Raymond by her side.
Jeremy showing the Chipolte, Rosemary Roasted Nuts that I made for all the adult men in our family. A gift card completed this gift, a perfect solution to giving a gift they all like.
I am thinking that my granddaughter Jessica is liking the scarf that I made her. Jeremy with baby Brayden looking on.
The grandchildren all exchange names with each other, so through technology, Titus and Talea could watch their cousins open their presents from them. We are all hoping to be together next year for Christmas.
Although Heather and Jason was not here with us, through the technology of skpye we got to have her with us through computer world.
Jennifer modeling the pink cuddle scarf I made her. I am thinking my grandson Ashton was liking it. Ahhh!
The best gift of all, is the gift of hand made. Chants gave papa Roger and I these envelopes, carefully thinking the decorating on the outside of the envelopes. He stated to me I had the cookies on mine, because I like to cook. Oh so sweet.
A key chain bobble from my grandson Chants, I will hang this from my rear view mirror, thinking of Chants every time I look at it with a smile. Thank you Chants!
A gourmet food gift box from Heather and Jason, how fun will that be to cook up those turquoise noodles?
Julie showing off her gift card, always a safe bet. I made her the scarf, I am thinking she is going to get some good use out of it, when winter finally comes.
My grandson Chants here showing off his new rock tumbler. He always brings me rocks, so he can really shine them up for me now.
We gathered around the table for a nice Christmas eve dinner. Thanks Jeremy for cooking the turkey and ham dinner. I hope your Christmas eve was a memorable one.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas to all my family and friends, may your holidays be filled with magic and lots of love and memories.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas in Seattle

Roger and I at the hotel before leaving to go to a Christmas party. The party would be well attended, mostly people I did not know, but still fun. The event was a party for all the Liquid Concrete people, whom Roger works with, along with a fund raiser for the heartbeat for warriors organization.
The setting for the party was at the 909 Coffee and Wine bar in Burien, Washington. KC aka Liquid Concrete made arrangements for a shuttle to bring us to the party and back to our hotel. The Christmas lights and garland, the music set the mood for this celebration.
The restaurant was closed for this private party. It was billed as a Liquid Concrete Christmas party/ benefit for the heartbeat warriors organization. I had not heard of them before this, it is on our list of providing donations to from now on. Have you heard of them? Check them out.
My choice for dinner was Sambuca prawns, oh my, I had to ask for a spoon to get every morsel of this entree. I paired it with a moscato d'Asti wine from perrone, Italy. Um!
The music was awesome. KC on sax, along with his brother Steve Sullivan on piano, formerly playing with such greats as, Seals and Crofts, Dionne Warwick, Marilyn McCoo and The Pointer Sisters to list just a few. JV Collier on bass, also a long list of great musical artists he has played with. On vocal was Sunny Wilkinson, one incredible voice. Stuart Nyren on drums, whom we have heard at previous parties. I would say KC knows how to bring a great group of musicians together. Smooth Jazz was the music of the evening.
My desert for the night was Affogato, (espresso, gelato and whip cream) a perfect ending for the night.
Roger and Larry Davis, Larry is in charge of the road repair department of Liquid Concrete. That moss looking stuff that you see on some of our major highways and bridges, yep that is Liquid Concrete.
KC, the man in charge of putting on this event. Although this is blurry, I still wanted to post it. KC has a heart of gold and knows how to put on a party, bringing together some wonderful people. Thank you KC was putting on one incredible party.
After the party it was time for "Sweet Dreams." We both slept in until 10:00 am, which is unheard of for us these days.
In order for Sunday morning was this Maple Spiced Coffee. It was smooth with just the right amount of sweetness. Do you have any special holiday getaways? I think I wouldn't mind doing a getaway just before Christmas every year, even just for one night.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Baker Boys Slumber Over

The older Baker Boys came on Friday night to slumber over. Papa and the boys would have a sleep over in the Hunt trailer. Roger had a special movie and pirate booty popcorn for them. He made the Hunt trailer nice and cozy. I fully was expecting them to end up in the house before the night was over. Ashton made a comment earlier," it is scary out here, the wolves are howling" (actually the neighbor's dog) and wow that is a huge tree, as he shined the flashlight at a very Tall fir tree. We live in the country, so at night it can be very dark in our neck of the woods. Well they made it through the night, coming into the house hungry for breakfast. After breakfast I had a craft project planned. Then out the door they went to hike the trails and of course to swing on the swing. My most favorite swing of all. There have been so many memories made on this swing. Check out the expression on Jordan's face. It says it all. Don't you think? Thank you Papa Roger for building this swing for us.

Papa Roger, Kevin and Ashton. I learned that Ashton is really into making the swing rock and roll, the more rocking the better.
A Charlie Brown movie was in order before breakfast. This proved to be a great choice.
Chocolate chip pancakes were in order for this morning.
After breakfast I had a craft project for the boys, thinking of what to do, that would be different. I told the boys we were going to make a present for the birds. Using peanut butter as the glue, we stuffed the pine cones with the peanut butter and then pressed the seeds into the crevices. I told the boys they could take them home and perhaps mommy and daddy could hang them in the trees for the birds. You will see what lucky critter got the first bite later in this post. HeeHee!
Jordan rolling is pine cone into the birdseed.
Pressing the seed into the pine cones, what fun!
Kevin, Jordan and Ashton there was something about feeling that birdseed, and of course Jordan who is 3 had to taste the seed. Yikes!
I hung mine just right outside my patio door so we could enjoy watching the feast.
The feast of the pine cone bird feeder by this squirrel got his way at the Baker Boy's home. When the boys got home with their pine cone bird feeders, they had to hang them right away. Well I think this squirrel smelled them a mile away. Well momma Baker took pity on this little guy and laid it on the ledge of their front porch. What are you doing for the birds this winter?